Anyone Interested in Helping Me With a Colorful Experiment?

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It’s a simple idea, really; but all the same, I’d like to test it before investing a lot of time and effort into it.

My experiment involves recycling broken bits of crayons—I’m sure that lots of craft cabinets in schools and homes across the country have a stash of crayons that are too small for little fingers to use. I will reimburse the postage for anyone who sends me a decent–sized quantity of hurt crayons so I can test my idea. By “decent sized” I mean enough to be worth shipping, even at the post awful’s lowest rate.

Reimbursement may take the form of FRNs, treats (fruity oaty bars, honey–roasted almonds, scotcheroos, etc.), or some other mutually acceptable thing—I’m open to ideas. PGP/GPG or Hushmail preferred in order to get my mailing address. Thanks!

What do you have in mind?

I've got some broken crayons around here. Have tossed many more, of course. I used to use them to make bright colored candles, but have not messed with that in a long time.

Will scrounge around and see what I can find to send you. :)

Need the new address first, of course.

I owe you

I’ll try to get an email out to you today, but it’s a busy day for our family. With any luck I’ll even remember to include our new address on the first go. Lots of squeezes for you and Rascal!

No rush :)

I'm leaving in a bout 10 minutes and will be gone 4 days. Will check email briefly each morning, but will not be able to do much until Monday. Squeezes back!

I'd be happy to

Once my Kubuntu update is finished, I'll configure GPG and send you an email.

I wish you well with that.

I’ve heard some interesting things about the new distro. As usual, I’ve been quite laggardly about updating.