One of My Favorite Singers Has Died

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Wow, am I feeling old now ... Ronnie James Dio died today. He may have been the man who led me to heavy metal, even though for the longest time I couldn’t remember his name.

I adore Dio’s voice, for many of the same reasons I adore Freddie Mercury’s—they are powerful, versatile, sensitive, and unique. And I think that’s part of why I could only recall that RJD had a three–part handle: he fronted several metal bands, and between trying to remember which group he was in when he sang a particular song, I just couldn’t keep his name in my head. Finally I gave up trying to remember band names and just rocked out to Heaven and Hell, Holy Diver, Snake Charmer, The Mob Rules, Kill the King, The Man on the Silver Mountain, and Self Portrait, to name just a few.

I know no one lives forever ... but it still hits me hard whenever I hear news like this. It takes a lot of oneself to be a rock star, always in the public eye; I’m thankful for all the glorious music Ronnie James Dio created, and wish his family and friends well in this difficult time.

This is not acceptable. As

This is not acceptable. As soon as I find the carney behind this game, I'm gonna demand a do-over.

Early on...

I didn't care much for most "metal" because too many bands seemed to think that sheer volume made up for lack of talent.

Dio was an exception, and I have a lot of his work in my collection. The man could sing.

As various commenters observed ...

... on the news reports: I never expected Ozzy to outlast RJD.

Mike, I understand the sentiment behind your comments, but all the same, no one gets out of this alive. For me, coming to terms with that has led to living a more fulfilled life (at least most of the time—I’m not without my struggles and challenges).