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Hoo boy ...

A friend sent me the link to this cartoon, which I’ll post here for convenience:

24 types of libertarian, by Barry Deutsch

While the cartoon has its amusing panels (as well as some that hit a little closer to home than I like), I couldn’t help but wonder why the creator didn’t put in at least a couple more that are broadly accurate. They could have been funny, or at least clever, too ... but no, nothing on the two fundamentals of the freedom philosophy, individualism and voluntaryism. But then, I guess someone who sees these ideas as “simplistic” probably wouldn’t recognize how far they can go in establishing and maintaining more civil interactions among individuals.


I think this is great! It means that this philosophy of ours is actually being taken seriously. The cartoonist's politics are clear, and he views libertarians as a threat. I would love to see the conservative attack one day.


Clearly Gunner Joe is completely untrained -- he's got his finger on the trigger...

It appears the point of the cartoon is to minimalize....

... libertarians. To fit such a broad group into a small and shallow box. Looking at individualism and voluntaryism would not fit the cartoonist's agenda, from the look of the panels.

All the nuance of a sledgehammer

Broadly drawn stereotypes are funny (thus the name comic) and easy. Nuance, on the other hand, is a difficult and skillful task (and usually not nearly as funny). Heck, self-identified libertarians have said worse than this cartoon! It did make me laugh, though - parts, anyway. Reminded me of the innocent simplicity of "kids say the darnedest things" like shows.

As if we needed the reminder:

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” -- Mahatma Gandhi


Murphy's Bye-Laws

I know it doesn't need it, but I'm bored...

and besides, it is always nice hanging out at Sunni's place, she makes the best virtual lemonade!

There might be some overlap in these and hopefully a second helping of broad stereotype. Feel free to pile on.

24 Types of Liberal Bugaboos Libertarians:

Naive -
see Arrogant while gazing lovingly in a mirror.
Petulant -
Actually, based on the definition at this would be true, especially the "trifling annoyance" part.
Too Smart For Science -
This should read "heretic" coming from the apostles whose blind faith are just now getting over the scientific dogmas of the geocentric model of the universe and luminiferous aether, because science is never influenced by funding or greed,and can certainly never be wrong. Why even test this stuff?!
Arrogant -
While citing evidence or arguments for a point shouldn't be called arrogant, so ideas shouldn't be dismissed without at least trying to see the other person's point, regardless of what their ideas are. See also THIS ENTIRE CARTOON!
Left-Wing -
Frightfully, this one rings true. It does highlight the simplicity of the author's viewpoint regarding the nature of corporations or the nature of government or both. I think they ignore us because they're scared (notice the darkness surrounding the panel).
Denial-ican -
An attempt to make it easier to identify the people who aren't the author or his audience: the OTHERS (booga! booga!)
More Libertarian Than Thou -
I'm not even sure where the author was going with this one. The title character certainly exists within libertarian circles (perhaps the most populous of species, in fact), but the caption is just playgroundish taunting.
Terrified -
"Oh noes! People I can't vicariously control! Halp! Halp! Someone call the authorities!" At least, that's what this would sound like translated into reality-speak. Not to say there isn't paranoia....or cause for it [looks around suspiciously]
Too Much Heinlein -
More perceived arrogance from the one throwing all the stones. Nuance about equal before the law and equal ability would pay huge dividends here. Sadly, these libertarians do exist, though.
The Island -
See Extortion.
Creepy -
This is creepy regardless of what state the congressman is from.
Selectively Frugal -
See Extortion again. This was written from the p.o.v. of someone rich with other peoples' money.


So did you here the one about two congressmen who walked into a bar? They bought drinks for all their friends and left you the bill! hahaha.

Nepotist -
As written by the person aided by the system, all the while not realizing that the same beast that they support and expand is the same one weighing others down.
The Apostle -
"We just need to trust that the mighty seers in government bestow their knowledge upon us and everything will be hunky-dory!" More and more it seems a simple mirror is the easiest form of rebuttal here.
Atlas -
Shheeesh! Like we update our blogs anyway. Ha!
Consistent -
This one is based on the assumption that we should be tithing to this author's god or something. Control freak.
The Historian -
Where'd I put that mirror? This, like so many other of these, is one finger pointing at the target and four more pointing back.
Gunner Joe -
We mock what we don't understand...and people who are clearly hyperbolic about single issues, forsaking all others.
Bizarrely Hypocritical -
This person obviously can't distinguish anything beyond his own dogma. Still, sadly, this one rings true, as well.
Briefly Tempting -
Tempted until he realized he wants hopped-up police to wage war on Libertarians?
Whitey -
Is it me, or does that guy look like a minister from the south? Anyway, boo hoo if you can't tell others what to do. You can probably legislate away cancer, too, right?
Missionary -
All religions have this; some refer to literature, some just refer to dogma ("YOU MUST BELIEVE THIS!").
Caveat Emptor -
Did the Brady Bunch actually make this phrase up? Hmm. See The Apostle.
Stoned -
Hee hee hee.

Whew. That was more work than I anticipated. I'm going to go write poetry now and leave the politics to those who give a rat's ass. Sigh.


Murphy's Bye-Laws

I appreciate your efforts!

As well as the poetry. The “briefly tempting” one left me mystified, much as it seems to have for you.

How much longer until the wee bairn is expected to make its debut?

The Wee Bairn

We are at a nice even 4 weeks today. So it could be anytime before that, but not any later than that.


Murphy's Bye-Laws


I see myself in 4 or 5 of those. Depending on my mood and what's going on around me.

...Wait... Am I supposed to be offended by that? ;)

I saw that "cartoon"

But I was too lazy to really give any of it much thought. Just finished the rough draft of my novel. Now the REAL work begins.

First ...

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. -- Gandhi

It's progress: Libertarians are no longer being ignored.

A Libertarian Rebuttal

A Libertarian Rebuttal

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