I See Red.

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And the next line in the Rush song I’m quoting is, “It hurts my head.” Hoo boy, is that true.

You see, I’ve wanted a red bedroom (and bridal gown, but that’s so unlikely as to not even move the probability meter these days) since I was young. Even though we’re still renting, we’re allowed to do whatever painting we want. So, I visited a couple of stores that sell paint and pored over the paint chips; I brought several home and after about a week of wondering and examining, made my choices. Yes, I painted the ceiling too; to me a white and red room was just too evocative of candy canes.

Having attempted to paint a room red once before, I knew I’d need to prime the room. Unfortunately, I didn’t research the subject further—and the guy at WalMart who mixed the paint for me either didn’t think or couldn’t be bothered to explain what the notation (on the back of my paint chip) calling for tinted primer meant. I used plain white primer. Then I cut in the entire room, and then went back to fill in the walls.

The color was gorgeous, but the room looked awful. I finally researched the subject and found that I had two choices: I could try multiple coats of the red, in hopes it would even out (expensive); or I could start over and do it properly (not exactly cheap, either, but there’s a higher probability of success). “Doing it properly” means using a gray or red primer—whatever the manufacturer calls for for the specific shade—and filling in while the cut-in paint is still wet, so it can be blended. Otherwise the result is usually a thin ribbon of double–layered paint that can be very hard to hide with subsequent layers.

After mulling it over a couple of days—and seeing the glossy, brightish red I chose in full sunlight—I realized I didn’t want a bedroom that looked like a giantess’ sloppy kiss, no matter how gorgeous the color. Yes, I chose a semi–gloss finish, and it was too much.

After burning another C–note, and sanding down my glossy red, I’m on my way again. This time I chose a darker red, with some bluish undertones, and a satin finish (the primary problem with the color in my bedroom being that it was a rich blue in a flat finish, and sucks up all the light that enters the room). The gray primer has had about 24 hours to dry (some people recommend waiting two days, but I don’t have that much patience yet), so I’m about to commence seeing red a second time.

With any luck it won’t be nearly so painful to my head this time. Oh, and if you’re wondering what color the ceiling is, it’s a buttery yellow. Pictures may come, if it turns out nicely.

Waiting to see pix

Am not exactly sure of the shade of red, but it sounds good (with the bluish undertones). Be careful about the “buttery yellow, though” (not medium to dark, but more on the light side), or it will end up looking like “redskin colors.”


Thankfully, not even close

The red is Valspar’s “pomegranate red” (I seem to be unable to link directly to it), and the yellow is much lighter, although unmistakably yellow. Neither are remotely close to Redskin colors, which is good since I have never been a fan of that team.

I got the first coat on yesterday—a very hot day to be painting but I finished the room before it got too bad. It looks much better than my previous effort; I do need a second coat still, which I hope to do tomorrow.

You've got good taste!

"...since I have never been a fan of that team."

Same here! And, worse luck, I'm surrounded by many of those idiot fans.

Bedroom sounds like it will be pretty.

But at least you're having hot weather now; summer has finally arrived, huh?

Should be interesting

I do not think I could deal with the color, but I hope it comes out just like you want. I look forward to the pictures. They should be interesting.

Nearing completion

Yes, Pat, summer is finally here—we broke the record high temperature the day I painted the first coat of red; but now it’s cooling off some.

I applied the second coat of red yesterday, and the room looks great. Just need to do a bit more cleaning before it’s photo–worthy. Jorge, Lobo’s remark upon seeing the room was, “Wow ... it’s really red.” Most people probably wouldn’t want a red bedroom, but it works very nicely for me.

Here at last is a decent photo.

It was very difficult to try to get a good photograph of my room, however (especially given how hard I had to work to avoid all the messes in it). At least on my screen, the color below the paper hanging on the wall is closest to the true shade of red; and for the yellow ceiling, if you look at the upper left corner of the window frame, that’s very close.

red bedroom

It is a fairly intense red, but it’s just what I wanted, and I adore it.

I like it! It's -- red!!

I like it! It's -- red!!

Thank you, Uncle Warren!

I don’t think anyone has caught me at it yet, but I find myself stroking the walls now.