Making the World a Better Place (Part the First)

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A good deal of my absence here—and the lightness of subject when I do post—can be attributed solely to fear.

Yes, fear: I have been doing a lot of thinking, and even more feeling (which is why the Chaplin quote has remained up there so long). I haven’t always been comfortable with the results ... but that isn’t why I’ve been atypically reticent. I have been fearful of the responses that might be generated by some readers were I to share what’s been occupying my mind. I know, I know—it’s ludicrous, innit? There’s no one else exactly like me out there, yet I’m willing to hide important elements of myself because of what I fearfully think others might think in judgment of me.

What broke the logjam today is an essay, brought to my attention by my cherished friend NonEntity. Here’s a taste:

Greatness is all around us. It doesn’t come out of Washington. It comes out of you and me and how we live our lives. We make the world a better place not by advocating some new public enterprise but through our devotion and love and patience and kindness to the people around us. We make the world a better place one minute and one person at a time.

The essay is Making the World a Better Place, over at Café Hayek. As is my habit, I’ve given away the ending—but the setup is equally important and worthwhile. I highly recommend reading it, and taking it to heart.

As to me pushing through the rest of my fear and sharing more intimately ... I’d like to confidently state that that will commence very soon. But, this being Halloween weekend and me being the sole parent for much of it, a lot of my time is already spoken for ... and I know how quickly my momentum and best intentions can fade if not fed. So we’ll see what happens.

Deep, deep thanks, NonE. Don’t think I’ve told you recently that I love you ...

"To thine own self be true"

“We make the world a better place one minute and one person at a time.”

I agree with this. We have heard so often the collectivist viewpoint that it seems the only way to achieve happiness or success. Even some libertarians seem to think we must act en masse in order to make a dent in the world. But it is the individual who keeps the world sane, moral, and consistent as we go about our daily lives.

Along with that, Sunni — *have no fear.* Each of us develops many facets - of philosophy, of interest, and of motivation — on our path through life, and if we can’t accept what you are, that’s OUR problem, not yours.

Refuse to be Afraid - Dare 2B Free

Those who care and/or love you will accept you as you are. You're worrying about the folks who don't.

Live it

I've been saying for years that the only one you really have to satisfy consistently is the one who looks back at you from a mirror.

The rest is gravy. :)

Thanks, everyone.

You fine people are full of awesome.

More later—perhaps today, even!


We make the world a better place one minute and one person at a time. And too often I forget to do exactly this. This charge is as important as it gets in life, and so simple. Why it gets brushed under the rug from the broom of busyness, I am not sure. Thank you to you, and to NonEntity, for sharing this lovely reminder.