This Is the Refrain, No Matter Who Won

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It is wonderful to see that our dear Uncle Warren is back to making music.

He’s put up a song as a preview of the full album, coming out on November 9. I listened to it yesterday, and think he’s nailed it yet again, both with the lyrics and music. Hie thee over to his place so that you can download and/or listen to You Can’t Be Trusted. Thanks, Warren; it’s a great tune, and is very timely ... especially given how many people held high hopes for yesterday’s exercise in tyranny.

Thank you for spreading the word!

It might not be Nov. 9 after all - I may have underestimated how fast CD Baby works (my first experience). But I can keep you informed, and I WILL be up in the Attic doing new podcasts with other tunes from the project. Thanks for the kind thoughts!!