Guns And Weed - Mama helped make a movie!

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Guns And Weed
Because there's no such thing as "half-free."

FEATURING: Sheriff Richard Mack, MamaLiberty, Shane Scheid, Neema Vedadi, J-Tizzle, Shepard Humphries and many more.

Guns and Weed: The Road to Freedom shows, in no uncertain terms, why Freedom of Ingestion and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms are equally indisputable civil rights, and why the War on Drugs and the War on Guns are both entirely immoral.

Part hip hop, part punk rock. Part entertainment, part civics lesson. Filmed in the Wild West of Wyoming and Colorado. Features mountains of marijuana, great interviews, comedy, fake news, animation, rock video and stunning outdoor footage of cute girls and guys shooting guns that are not legal in California.

Sounds great!

Is there an estimated release date for this cinematic tour de force?

Release dates

From the website:

Educational release: March 2011.
Release to public: March 2012.

I have a disk of the final cut and will be making a few copies for some SPECIAL people, but it can't go public until March. :)


Why the long delay between the two releases? If people are hoping to make money from this project, that lag will hurt their chances; it’s practically encouraging people to pirate the movie.

Long delay

I really don't know. Michael (the filmmaker) has made and sold a lot of movies and other such projects, so I would imagine he knows what he's doing. Maybe they don't care if it is "pirated," but just want it to be seen.

He says they need to find a distributor for the thing, but I have no idea what the dynamics are. I'm just a ham actor, after all. :)

Got the scoop

Michael now has a distributor, with whom he has a contract. They will front the production money and do all the sales and shipping. Good deal.

They plan to market it the first year to college and educational outlets. Not clear why or how that really works, but Michael is satisfied with it so that's that. The actual public release will be in March of 2011.

I just hope there's someone left to buy it... and electricity to play it by that time. :(

In the meantime, you can all come to my house and watch my copy. Really.