May the gods help me, I Have a New Year’s Resolution

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And I have a good reas– rationalization for it being a New Year’s resolution, rather than starting now. Really!

I mentioned a while ago that I’d lost five inches from my waist. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that I am actually starting to see a little muscle definition in my abs, right under the ribs. I like that.

But I’m not dieting, nor really watching what I eat, so below that area I still have what I think of as a “uterine cushion”—that pillow of fat many women seem to get in the lower abdominal region. I didn’t have one until after Snolf the Second came along; unfortunately it’s grown a bit over the years. My goal is to lose that belly fat ... kind of in hopes of discovering ripped abs underneath it all (I don’t think my genes have it in them, though). Primarily I want to shed a bunch of fat that has accumulated ... mostly there and on my upper thighs.

I even have a plan for the process. I can’t go on any diet with extreme caloric restriction: I wouldn’t be able to continue training, and to stop training would be counterproductive, to say the least. So, my strategy is to restrict certain carbohydrates as much as I reasonably can. I’ll reduce my consumption of white flour, white sugar, alcohol, and grains in general, to see what happens. This won’t be easy—especially since Snolf the First has become a devotee of crêpes (look for a CtA entry soonish), and whips up a mean batter. (He’s still a little nervous about trying to cook them himself.) I doubt that I could eliminate them entirely for months on end, and because I actually want to succeed I don’t intend to set myself up to fail—but I can certainly eat more mindfully, so that’s my intention.

Why wait until after the Gregorian new year to start? It isn’t because I want to indulge through the holidays first, tempting though that might be. My best friend’s birthday is December 30, and I’ve promised to celebrate with her; and I also promised to make her a cake (gluten free, but still, it’s cake). She’s also claimed another date for a party (ack!). I want to be able to enjoy myself fully, and if I’m covetously eyeing all the goodies, I won’t be having fun ... and probably wouldn’t be very much fun to be around, either. So that’s the reason for the official delay.

But really, now that I’ve gotten curious about how my tummy might—maybe even could—look, I expect I’ll start eating a little better sooner than January 1.

I won’t make much progress until the boozy fruit and bourbon–laced whipped cream are gone, though.

Sending good vibes.

My "uterine cushion" (what a mental image) has been in place for 44 years now, so I'm afraid I'm stuck with it. Don't really care all that much and, obviously, never did. [grin]

Just remember that what you eat is really only a part of the process and that overall health is far more important than inches or cushions of any kind.

Be kind to yourself. :) You are worth it.

Oh, definitely.

Just remember that what you eat is really only a part of the process and that overall health is far more important than inches or cushions of any kind.

Definitely. I’m certainly carrying around more fat than is good for me; and by undertaking this as a concerted effort of more careful eating paired with exercise, I expect my overall health will improve. Thanks, Mama!