Politically Incorrect Season’s Greetings!

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Ho! Ho! Ho!

I don't think I'll be able to get that tune out of my head for a while. It's very catchy in an eerie way.

Eerie ...

Definitely. And I didn’t grok someone’s comment on YouTube about it being morbid, until I realized that it isn’t the reindeer that are being processed for meat.

The meat?

I can't play it again since it crashed my browser once already, but I definitely thought the meat was the reindeer since grandma was cleaning a reindeer skin. Or that's what I heard anyway.

Actually, the "commercialization" is not a big deal as far as I'm concerned. Unless someone is spending someone else's money - stolen money, why should I care? If they earned it, they can buy whatever foolishness they please.

Yeah, I goofed

After hearing it again last night as part of our solstice celebration, I realized—while nodding off—that I’d gotten confused. But I was too tired to get back up and write a correction.

Great Xmas find.

Great Xmas find.


Good to see you ‘round these parts—hope you and yours are doing well.

Can't stop listening

I added this to my Christmas podcast, had to share it. He has about 33 videos up on YouTube, and the ones I sampled were very cool. He has a wordless chant of "Silent Night" that's just beautiful.