Aaron Zelman Has Died

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Via the LRT discussion list comes word that JPFO founder Aaron Zelman died on December 21. I wasn’t fortunate enough to meet him in person, but did communicate with him a few times. His energy and creativity were palpable even in email. He will be sorely missed ... and I hope JPFO continues their important work. My condolences to Aaron’s family and friends.

Sorrow and challenges

I spoke to Aaron on the phone just a few weeks ago, and wish I had taken up his challenge then. We disagreed quite often, but that never diminished our friendship.

Sorrow and challenges almost always come together. I am terribly sad that Aaron has gone, but I will continue my own fight against tyranny, and increase my efforts to encourage and inspire others to do the same - by whatever path they find good.

Aaron fought the good fight to the end, in spite of serious illness and disability. Bless him, and may he rest in peace.