So, I’ve Been a Little Sick.

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I could pretend I don’t know how it happened, but I certainly wouldn’t be fooling myself. Our resident Wolf was in Belarus during their election in December, and when I started hearing reports about the protests, I started stressing (even more than the stress I already had from our holiday schedule, ballet and karate schedules, my fiscal woes, and trying to run the household alone). Sure enough, he (and his big camera) were in the thick of the happenings; but fortunately, he left before things turned ugly. I’m hopeful he’ll say more about that himself here, so I won’t continue in that vein.

A girlfriend and I celebrated her birthday and rocked the new year in down in Seattle, spending the day doing touristy stuff and enjoying a Dusty 45s show that night. The tickets came with a generous food and/or liquor credit, which we didn’t know about. Seeing as we’d had (excellent) room service at our hotel, we drank ours. She was recuperating from a throat bug, but I was feeling fine and didn’t want anything to be wasted ... so I drank the remains of her (not as good as it sounded on the menu) ginger vodka martini. Then we shared a second bottle of champagne—I did mention we’d had a bottle in our room, kinda–sorta with dinner, right? She urged some precautionary zinc on me upon our return to the hotel, which I obligingly accepted (this involved no sharing of germs).

Three days later, I awoke to discover that microscopic bricklayers had filled every nook of my sinuses, and had tapped in to my energy stores to accomplish the feat. Bereft of energy, in pain if the hair on my head moved, I quickly took to bed. I was even too tired and brain–fogged to knit, even just plain stockinette stitch (I have three pairs of slippers like these to knit and felt). I lost count of the number of blankets it took to keep me warm. I was confident, however, that I’d bounce back fairly quickly.

The next day, I awoke to pain in my right ear, which spread to my left by the time night fell.

I still haven’t completely bounced back, but I am doing much better. My ears are still mostly under water, but my head no longer hurts. However, I’m also still easily dizzified, so I’m trying to take it easy (no driving, and certainly no karate!). A recent conversation with a different good friend covered a lot of interesting musical ground, though, prompting me to turn on my speakers and try to enjoy some tunes. I’m sure it’ll all sound better when my ears are fully clear, but I wanna share today. Mr. Bill, Uncle Warren, I hope either or both of you are around for an assist or two.

My friend and I were discussing 20s music, which got me to thinking about swing and jazz—which makes my recalling this understandable, methinks. I did some poking around on one of the klezmer sites Mr. Bill pointed us to, and found something that is arguably zanier, as it blends klezmer, funk, and hip–hop:

(Watch the vid on YouTube)

I don’t know who tears it up more, the trombonist or the clarinetist ... I think I have to hand it to the ‘boneman because the clarinetist looks recently zombified in the video. Very tasty. For those interested in straight–up klezmer, I suggest this vid, which is not embeddable.

The snolfs and I heard a gigglerific song on our way home from classes a couple of weeks ago, on a real oldies station—they play very old stuff. At first I thought it was from the 20s or 30s, but the unmistakable sound of a primitive, electrified guitar proved me wrong. Even so, I thought I’d need Uncle Warren’s help to learn who sang the funny song about dunking bagels in coffee, but no, it’s on YouTube:

So fun. I think I see further explorations speeding my recovery nicely along. If not, maybe I’ll go “splash—in the coffee”, too. Maybe that will help revive my brain for more effortful cognitive activity.

And how has the new year begun for you?

You're back!

Sorry to hear you've been sick, and glad to see you back. I was getting just a tad concerned. :)

My favorite oldies? Les Paul and Mary Ford. My half sister was a backup singer for them, and her husband played second guitar. I grew up hearing the "Big Bands" too, because that was my mother's favorite sound.

Favorite oldies?

Yikes, that’d be hard for me. I, too, grew up hearing a lot of big band—mostly Glenn Miller—also torch songs and some jazz. I still adore Billie Holiday, too.

If we were made of cellophane...

...we'd all get stinking drunk much faster!

I was about to go search for Squirrel Nut Zippers' Ghost of Stephen Foster to cheer you up, having completely forgotten it was you who made me aware of it two years ago!

Thanks for the YouTube links. I liked the straight-klezmer best.

Okay, here's something that'll keep you going for 2 hours: Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors performed by the Flying Karamazov Brothers with juggling and klezmer music!!!

Part 1
Part 2

Get healthy! :-)

Me, too.

On the straight klezmer, that is. I’ll be looking for more of it. And thanks for the Shakespeare links! I probably won’t be able to get to them today, but I will watch them before the weekend is out. Sounds plenty amusing.