Not Normally One for Celebrating This Day ...

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But when I saw a cool collection of cards, I knew I’d be posting one of them here today. It was a tough decision, but here’s the winner:

Big Damn Valentines

This one, and many others, spotted at FireflyFans.Net.

How Fun!

Thanks for sharing! I like the Jayne one the best =D

Here I thought we were

Here I thought we were heros.


Cool! And she looks like she means BUSINESS too. Great card.

Have you seen this show?

Are you familiar with Firefly, Mama? It’s a space western ... not everyone’s cuppa tea—and the science is sometimes nonexistent in laughable ways—but the program has a devoted following, even ten years out.

In theory...

I have heard of it and most people seem to think it is an exception to the usual TV drivel... but I've never seen it. I have not had a TV connected to anything but a DVD machine for more than 12 years now.

Is it available as a regular book? I much prefer to read things. :) If they can put all the Star Trek stuff into books, why not this?

Not the original series ...

I don’t think the original series is available as a book; but many subsequent stories set in that universe are available as graphic novels. The downside is that they assume familiarity with the characters and their complex relationships. Besides, there’s a fair amount of stuff that simply cannot be captured by static, silent images on a page.

So was this for anyone in

So was this for anyone in particular?

Alas ...

No. At David Lee Roth put it, I ain’t got nobody ...

It’s for anyone who wants it to apply to them—especially if that person likes trying to be heroic as well. ;-)