Psychotic Babble (Two Types!)

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Dear friend and fellow LRT Knight Carl Bussjaeger offered an amusing peek at some psychobabble ... and in poking around, I found the other psychotic babble, which is not so pleasant.

First, the funny (the way his blog is set up, I can’t link directly to the post, but right now it’s near the top on the home page). Carl is pretty close on explaining the attentional capture title; what the study apparently shows is that some people are slower to recover from a distraction than others. The second one is pretty whacked, as well as emblematic of the kind of research I considered a waste of time and taxpayer money when I was in the field. I used to subscribe to Psychological Science ... looks like not much has changed since then.

The more alarming psychotic babble came from reading the entry above this one, and then checking out the updates regarding Near Space Press and Carl’s books. It appears the apple (in the form of Derek Benner) didn’t fall far from its maternal tree: his mother is now apparently continuing to market Carl’s books and artwork via her son’s accounts—plus new sources—without paying Carl. The link in this paragraph spells out the details ... it’s pretty pathetic, the things that this family has put Carl through. While you’re over there, it may help restore the man’s trust in libertarians if you could shoot him a contribution. Even a small one would be deeply appreciated. Contact information for Mrs. Benner is posted as well, for those who might like to encourage her to do the right thing by Carl.

Sorry about the "funny"

Sorry about the "funny" format at my site. It isn't really meant as a blog. In fact, I was putting it mostly into hibernation (in anticipation of shutdown), but then started posting stuff about Project Gunwalker, among others. Since I was updating the page, I started adding random comments and observations. The stuff I think almost worth preserving for a mythical posterity gets included on the Essays & Commentary page.

The psychoticbabble was just funny. Sometimes I write to the authors when I spot odd stuff over at Eurekalert, but I was afraid to even attempt that with someone who thought those titles really made sense. My life is sufficiently
whacked already. (I did write to another author trying to learn why he thought antivirals in a hypothetical influenza epidemic would destroy -- bacterial fermentation-based -- waste water treatment plants. The answer was rather disturbing from a rationality viewpoint. I'll stop asking those reasonable questions from now on.)

Writing ol' Dolores Benner probably won't do any good. I never got anything useful or coherent out of her. Someone else who contacted her reported a similar lack of meaningful response. But thanks.