Recipes for Your Recipes—For Better Taste and Nutrition

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I should have seen this coming—I’ve been pissing and moaning about how technology is destroying food quality, and while that can happen, technology can also improve some things.

This vid is amazing. It’s also long, but the first 15 minutes or so can be shaved off without loss. If you’re interested in maximizing flavor in your cooking, there’s all kinds of amazing information here; if you like DIY techy stuff to improve your gardening or animal husbandry, there’s stuff to set you drooling as well. For those of you mostly interested in stupid foodicrat rules, there’s a bit of that in here for you, too.

For me, the entire thing was fascinating. I would love to be part of this scene.

(Link to the vid on YouTube)

Part 11 of 12...

OCD does not permit me to start with Lecture #11!

This may take a while. :-)

Good luck!

I poked around a bit, and I don’t think all of the previous lectures are on YouTube. The lectures, while all part of one course, do not build on previous ones, so you won’t be missing vital information for understanding this one. (I actually recommend not watching the chocolate lecture at all, as it is mostly an extended commercial for the guy’s chocolates.)