The Best-Laid Plans of Snakes, Too ...

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... Gang aft agley.

As I have said here before, I’ve been a most neglectful email correspondent of late. I’d hoped for that to change this week; but that’s where my best-laid plan went awry.

You see, Lobo and the snolfs are off adventuring. When the idea of their trip was conceived several weeks ago, I set to musing about how to use the weeks of solitude I would have; and I consciously chose to let email wait so that I could give it my undivided attention during that period. Well, the solitude is upon me (and I’m enjoying it enormously)—but with it has come a lot of unexpected editing work. So I can’t really complain ... but I do feel badly about my email intention not being put into action yet. Unless something else comes up, I should be able to start clearing the logjam tomorrow.

No worries! :)

Be sure to use the new public key sent yesterday when you get a chance to write. My new computer ate the old one for some obscure reason. Guess it was time to make a new one anyway.