Dude, You Made Galileo Boring?!

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I didn’t think such a thing was even possible. But dude, you did it.

So, I was in the library the other day and noticed a biography of Galileo. Couldn’t resist it. I have been enchanted by his story probably for as long as I’ve known about it. With lots of quiet time for reading, I figured I’d finish the book in just a few days (it is a hefty tome, and I am still slammed with work).

But this book is Boring. A snoozefest. I somehow made it through the first two chapters (which constitutes about 90 pages of the book), but my head kept nodding throughout them. After I nearly dropped the book into the bathtub last night because of drowsiness, I got the clue. I returned it to the library today—a nearly unheard of thing for me, to leave a book unfinished. But this book is truly one of the most boring books I have ever commenced reading (and that includes all the textbooks I’ve read).

Dude, how could you make science–rebel–rockstar Galileo boring? What kind of reverse alchemy did you conjure up as you were drafting this doorstop? I didn’t even peruse the dustjacket to see if you’ve written other biographies, but dude, seriously: don’t. Just don’t. I can see that you do have some talent at writing, so I don’t know if it was the subject or the task, but I think my heart would break if I saw another biography of one of my science heroes penned by you.

To help wash this sad experience from my mind (and because I’m pretty sure that a couple of you will like it), I present a musical interlude dealing with Mr. Galilei:

(Link to vid on YouTube)

[I am not naming this dude because this isn’t a book review, and I don’t want to prejudice others against the author since I obviously didn’t read the entire book.]

Boring, among other things...

That's why I often read the first chapter in the library if I'm scoping out an unknown author. I hate dragging things home that turn out to be a waste of time and portage. :)

Waste of cash ...

Our library is located in an area where one must pay to park—and it’s close enough to the police station to get good enforcement. Thus, I pay as little as I can, which means no reading in the library. Also, I didn’t think the author would matter all that much, given the subject matter. How wrong I was!

Small town...

Ugg, that's not fun.

The only parking here is on the street or small lots provided by businesses. So far (knock on wood) none charge anything. Part of the midwest small town thing, I think. :) Given our low population, that's not apt to change any time soon.