Just in Case Other “Firefly” Fans Haven’t Seen This ...

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Here’s a cool interview with Joss Whedon that ranges from Dr. Horrible to Firefly, Buffy, and other interesting stuff. We are all big Dr. Horrible fans, and it’s good to know the project is progressing, even if glacially.

Plus, now I have an excuse to post another fun fan vid. Behold!

Looks like fun...

Probably help to watch the TV series and so forth to understand much of it. But the music was fun. :) I've really got to figure out a way to see it.


Much context is missing if one hasn’t seen the series, and the movie.

Good Find

Thanks Sunni,
Great interview.
You found that before any of my other cybersources - well done :)

It'll be fun to see what Joss does with the Avengers. He has a knack with stories featuring a large central cast.

The video is pretty slick, too.


Isn't it great to encounter a really good excuse to do something you already wanted to do?

I just got to see this video -- something about an incompatibility between the new Flash and the Firefox 4 Beta. I was videoless until I downloaded the finished Firefox 4.

P.S. If I offered to lend Firefly DVDs to Mama Liberty, would that be helpful?


That would be awesome!

How do we accomplish that? :) Sunni has my email address and PGP key, if that helps.


Sending them would require an address usable by UPS or other. I guess we wait for Sunni's intermediary assistance.

I'm just glad to be the source of Firefly to a brand new fan!

Would you also like to borrow Serenity?

Y’all don’t need me.

Mama, as a conspirator you can view SRS’s profile by clicking on her user name. Then, clicking on the “edit” button will show her eddress.

(And I’ll try not to be hurt that you turned down my offer some time back of the same files ... [sniffle] ;-)

Mama Liberty is going to

Mama Liberty is going to think Firefly is one of the better TV shows.
Have to like a show with that much open carry and no permits.

Probably would notice. :)

Have not seen ANY TV shows for more than 10 years, so I have no basis for comparison. :) But I hear it's mostly drivel.

I live in a place where open carry is pretty common, and I carry openly all the time, everywhere... so it's NORMAL to me. :) But I'll enjoy it anyway, I'm sure.

Gosh I'm sorry! :(

I don't remember turning them down, dear. Maybe it had to do with the fact that I had dialup then and couldn't download them?

Anyway, I've read so much about this series the last year or so that it seems I need to at least look at them so I'm not totally in the dark when people discuss them! Hope there is "closed captioning" so I can understand the dialog. :)

And thanks for the tip about getting in touch with SRS. I had forgotten that feature too.

Getting old means there are LOTS of things one can't remember. sigh

I'd love to...

Couldn't access your info here, for some reason, but I'll get an email to you one way or another ASAP.

Maybe Sunni ...

Will send it to you? She must be excited at the prospect of gathering you in among the Firefly watchers.-SRS


I would if I had it. I’ve looked through both accounts, and don’t have it in either (I don’t have eddresses saved in a rolodex; all I have to search through is sent mail).

SRS, perhaps you could mosey over to The Price of Liberty and send a letter to the editor? :)

Kool idea!

I'll be watching. :)