Breaking My Silence on bin Laden

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Not because I suddenly have something new and insightful to add, but just because this so-called news headline pushed me to it.

Porn Found in bin Laden Hideout, Officials Say.

In response, I can only channel Hoban Washburne: Do we care? Are we caring about that now? ‘Cause I certainly could not care less.

For a longer, funnier response, I direct all interested readers to Obi-Wan Kenobi is Dead, Vader Says. (The source probably isn’t what you’re thinking it is.)

Was he also starving puppies?

They must be really struggling to hold back a trickle of disapproval. Here was what I wrote about the bin Laden mess: Revelry at bin Laden Death Vulgar.

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What? They aren't claiming it was "kiddie porn"?

No doubt the administration will be releasing the umpty-third version of the story once this one occurs to them.


He knocked down the WTC, or maybe he had some nudie pix - it's all the same?

And they found his diary - so they'll get some good intel now. Capture him? no, what would be the point of that?

The government approved media has become functionally retarded.

But Osama had no intel value

Yeah, someone actually tried to tell me that: It was pointless _capturing_ the guy because he had no intel value, but all his hard drives and papers would be chock full of useful intel. Go figure.

Apparently the useful intel was that Al Qaeda wants Barry's grannie, targeting trains might be cool but they never got around to it, and the big O likes nekkid women (who doesn't?) but didn't like Barry much (who does?).

That was exactly my thought.

... the big O likes nekkid women (who doesn't?) ...

It amazes me that this country has managed to expand its populace so much, given the apparent prudery trotted out any time some gov officials want to make someone seem like a true villain. Since when is having a healthy human instinct villainous?

And just to save them the time in case they should ever come for me, I like looking at pictures of nekkid women too—but I like good photos of nekkid men even more. Somehow I don’t think my mom would disapprove, seeing as how she signed on for a Playgirl subscription their first year of operation, and never bothered to try to hide the issues from me. Nor did she keep her stash of erotica hidden ... So there, you Mrs. Grundys; put that in your pipe and smoke it.


...put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Aha! Something else they can accuse him of. Stop giving them ideas, Sunni; they're way too confused already.

It amazes me that this country has managed to expand its populace so much, given the apparent prudery...

Actually... I seem to recall that if you exclude immigration, the US population flatlined years ago, and would be declining.

Prudes of the world unite! You have nothing to lose... except... well... everything.
(says the guy who doesn't actually have any known offspring)