This Proves We’re Ready for an Audition for “Hoarders”

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After years of carting around boxes full of stuff of unknown provenance, I decided to sort through them. O.M.G.

I won’t bore y’all with a detailed inventory of what I found. What’s most interesting to me is how old some of this shit is. I found a flyer for a Pizza Hut anniversary celebration from the town we lived nearby ... in 2004. I found a ziplock baggy with snake skins from the ball pythons that journeyed to México with us in 1999.

The winner so far is a pad of graph paper that has a calendar down its left side ... for 1997. It’s older than Snolf Mk. I is.

Guess that doesn’t really make us ready for that show—after all, there’s loads of floor visible throughout the house. We don’t have stacks of anything but books lying about, and those “stacks” are mostly neatly organized on bookshelves. (We are guilty of some stackage of books here and there. It’s hard to find quality bookshelves these days.) But damn ... we let a lot of crap accumulate, and have been carrying it around far too long.

Guilty as charged

I found some garden seeds this spring that were "packed for the season of 1987." Unopened.

Think I've got you beat? LOL

But hey! They sprouted and are now growing in my little garden. I couldn't resist trying to plant them. Cucumbers and beans. The germination rate wasn't wonderful, but I'll have plenty unless the grasshoppers come in unimaginable numbers again.

And I have some cloth my mother gave me about that same time. I remembered the dress she had made out of it as soon as I saw it in the tote box. She wore the dress to my wedding in 1985.

I really do need to sort that stuff more often. :)

I have a sword from WW1.

I have a sword from WW1. Does that count?

Not really.

Something like that has value ... even if only sentimental. The Pizza Hut celebration thing (I don’t even recall us eating there, now that I think about it), not so much.


I take it back. The Pizza Hut thing is definitely the winner, in spite of the date. I'm having a hard time picturing you ever going into such a place, actually. [big grin]

Last year, I finally went

Last year, I finally went through the boxes of my dad's belongings that came with him when he moved in with us. Now, mind you, he's been dead for 14 years. In one box, there was a package of hot dog buns. Mummified hot dog buns. Another was full of the little convenience packs (napkin, salt, spork, etc.) from KFC. An entire box.

You win!

I guess the prize is knowing that all those YouTube vids showing that even bacteria won’t eat McDonald’s food are accurate. Kind of scary ...

You have inspired me

I just sorted through two giant boxes in the garage, which were packed in 2000 and ominously labeled "MISC BASEMENT".

And I found my user's manual for the Apple ][ CP/M version of Wordstar 4! I'm so happy!!!

User's Manuals

I confess... I read everything that comes with any new purchase, staple the receipt to the cover, and file it when I don't need to use it all the time. When I moved here, I went through those files and threw much of it away. I had instruction booklets for many of the appliances and gadgets I'd bought since 1964.

And when I had a "yard sale" the customers were really impressed that I could usually present the original instruction booklet with the appliance or gadget.

I used to be a GREAT DEAL better organized than I am now. :)