Seeing a Lot of Orange Around Here

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And even though it isn’t one of my favorite colors, I’m pretty happy about it.

Snolf Mk. I and I were tested to promote to the 8th kyu in our dojo today. We both passed, so at our next class (Monday, most likely) we will be presented with our orange belts. Heian nidan, kihon kata bunkai, and jyu kumite, here we come! (Yikes!!)


You go, girl! Impressive, as always. :)


Never had any doubt at all. :) Of course, I have no idea at all what order they come in. May you soon have a rainbow of belts.

Thank you!

Mama, there’s no standard order of belt colors—schools differ even on what colors (and how many levels) they have. Believe it or not, I’ve seen camo belts.

Oh my!

I see. I'd only heard of white and black ones, but knew there were other levels. Hmmm, darn independent people... how is anyone supposed to keep track if they are not consistent? LOL

Go for it! I'd love to see you get the camo belt. :)

Not gonna happen.

I'd love to see you get the camo belt.

I don’t even know what kind of school uses them—our dojo certainly doesn’t (it’s a traditional dojo—lots of bowing and other protocols). Besides, the important aspect isn’t the color of one’s belt, but rather what one has learned.

Of course...

I was just teasing. [grin]

" isn’t one of my favorite colors..."

[looks around at site color scheme]

Ooooooh kay.

[wanders off, perplexed]

It looks orange to you?

It appears to be a deep yellow to me.

Well, the background is kinda peach...

But the masthead, comment trim and some of the text looks various shades I've what I'd call orange. I've used at least three different computers and four monitors, and they all looked about the same. Not dayglow/safety orange, but... orange.

Yep - orange.

Have to agree, Bear. Certainly the masthead and lots of the lines. And I've seen it on several monitors with different operating systems and browsers. :)

But I like it!

Well, color me flummoxed.

I can see the dotted lines around comments being considered orange ... and the masthead was created by adding a yellow highlight to red text, so I can understand seeing some orange in it. But the reptilian background doesn’t approach peach or orange to me—and I too have viewed the site on several different monitors.

Guess that’s one more thing to fix when we upgrade the site. (Oh, and for the record, our new orange belts are close to hunter orange—not quite that bright, but rather too close for my taste. Unfortunately, they won’t fade with washing, as one’s belts are never washed.)

Never washed?

Well, each to their own, of course. :)

Which includes how we perceive colors. Take a look at the "chips" in a paint store sometime and see how many shades there are of "blue." Astonishing.

And if you mixed them all up with other colors, they'd all be chosen by someone if you requested they fish out the "blue one."

My favorite color is green, but only a few shades. Many others called "green" are actually irritating to me. I never did figure it out.


According to the ancient tales, gi belts were originally white, and were never washed (although the gi was). Thus, the students who’d been training for years were easily distinguished by their dirty “black” belts. Other colors came in as a way to easily distinguish differing levels of student proficiency—but which colors are used and the order in which they are used varies.

In our training environment, unless one gets blood on it somehow, the belt (or obi) never really gets all that dirty. Our sensei wears his original black belt for special occasions, such as promotion tests: it’s so worn the white threads underneath the black have nearly taken over.

No blood!

May yours become threadbare from use without washing too, dear heart.