A Summertime PSA for the Gamers Amongst Us

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This is hilarious:

Here it is on YouTube. How can you not listen to Cap’n Mal?

Product idea!

Gamers' chairs with built-in hairdryers.



So, are you working on a prototype yet, Mr. Bill?

Mayhaps I should start designing sweatpants with round vents for [ahem] ease of insertion of the dryer end.

Getting better...

I've watched several of the TV shows now on the DVD, and I recognized "Mal" right away! Much more soft and cuddly looking here, however. The smirk is priceless. :)

Are you enjoying them?

Mal isn’t exactly the cuddly type, yeah. I understand his character on Castle isn’t quite so tough, but I haven’t watched a single episode of that series.

My little Serenity

Have you seen this one yet?


My daughter really liked it—no surprise there. Thanks, H.C.!