You Think Cellulose Is A Problem?

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I could have posted this at my own blog, but Sunni often features food-related topics.

New method for making human-based gelatin
Scientists are reporting development of a new approach for producing large quantities of human-derived gelatin that could become a substitute for some of the 300,000 tons of animal-based gelatin produced annually for gelatin-type desserts, marshmallows, candy and innumerable other products.

Have fun. [evil grin]

Soylent Yuck

"Mad Cow" wouldn't be a problem if cows weren't fed things like diseased sheep ground up into "bone meal"....

Sheesh ... I'm not a "traditionalist" about most things, but I am becoming one for food. I don't want to eat things that come from Dr. Frankenstein's (or Fronkonsteen's) lab.

Soylent Green ...

... is PEOPLE!


You turn some people loose with other people's money and they can come up with the damnedest things...

It is not HUMAN

gelatin, they are just implanting that human gene into yeast, then the yeast with that gene is producing the gelatin, it is genetically modified yeast gelatin. No big deal. "... the scientists developed and demonstrated a method where human gelatin genes are inserted into a strain of yeast, which can produce gelatin with controllable features."

In other news...

Scientists are experimenting with inserting the human gene for humor into a strain of yeast.

"This is really just a proof of concept project," Doctor Frances Stein told reporters. "But if it works, it could greatly improve most American beers. And farther down the line, we may be able to devise a humor-gene therapy to cure the millions of Internet commenters and Onion readers who take things far too seriously."

Dr. Stein admitted that the yeast experiments to date have failed. "It looks like our human donor was one of the afflicted with no sense of humor, damn it."

"And this completely shoots the shit out of my plan to genetically engineer humans to digest cellulose," she added ruefully.

See, now that is over the

See, now that is over the top and is written as a joke (and was semi-funny) with no citation (link) to a credible article short. Also, just because someone does not find you funny, does not mean they do not have a sense of humor, not every joke is funny to every person.

Breaking news, "Computer Scientists are working on font styles aimed at reflecting tones of voice." Dr. Zhivago announced gleefully, "This is monumental! Now writers who are not capable of reflecting speech tones in their writings will have the ability to choose a font for sarcasm, humor, sorrow, or what have you." "Bloody Brilliant!" exclaimed an englishman in the crowd.

We at the Village Idiot agree with the englishman and believe this will greatly decrease confusion on the internet blog boards due to misinterpreted tones from shitty writers and those that are just not as funny as they think or both. "If this technology existed a week ago Forest may not have been fired for the email he sent around the office." says Jimmy Johnson (editor for VI), "But, then again, he did live up to the papers name."

Over the top?

N/o/t/ e/v/e/n/. Y/o/u/ s/h/o/u/l/d/ s/e/e/ t/h/e/ c/o/l/u/m/n/s/ a/n/d/ p/o/s/ts/ a//t m/y/ o/w/n/ w/e/b/s/i/t/e/ a/n/d/ b/l/o/g/.

Excellent point about those specialized fonts. I can see a definite use for something to indicate self-important pomposity. Maybe... [pomp] [/pomp]. Yeah, that's the ticket!

And lemme fix that first paragraph:

[snark]Not even. You should see the columns and posts at my own website and blog.*[/snark]

(Sunni, I am being nice. You should see what I wanted to type.)

* If anyone is interested, those would be