Stupid Almonds.

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Well, stupid me, actually—but like any other big-brained ape, I need a scapegoat to point to.

Yesterday I was munching on some almonds while taking a break from some epic housecleaning, and just as I was thinking to myself, “Boy, these almonds are soft; I think I’ll roast the remainder of them,” I felt something hard between my teeth. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a bit of shell; it was the entire front of one of my teeth.

A little while later, it occurred to me that this is the third tooth I’ve broken—and all of them have broken while I’ve been eating almonds or something with almonds in it.

I’m hopeful that almond extract won’t be as dangerous in my mouth, because I think that’s the only way I’m going to partake of the nut from now on.

Ouch ouch ouch...

...ouch ouch ouch! Poor Sunni!

I don't know any good teeth-strengthening exercises. :-(

No pain ... so far

Thanks, Mr. Bill, but the metal filling is still in place and so far, I’ve had no pain. I expect that will come soon, as I get estimates for getting the repairs done.

I had been using a remineralizing tooth powder for some time, but haven’t found it for a while now. Maybe once I scrape together enough pennies I’ll be more diligent about getting it.


Sorry about that! Hope you get it squared away soon. Hugs!


Sorry to hear this. I hope you get it sorted soon without pain.