Forsooth, Great Tidings for Whedon Fans!

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And I bet it isn’t what most of you might be thinking it is.

How cool is this? Joss Whedon has turned his quirky directorial eye to Shakespeare. Behold: Much Ado About Nothing. Shiny! A world of “yes” to seeing this as soon as it comes out!

OK - I'm hooked

Excellent cast! I'll have to find some way to see it - there are not many film festivals nearby.

And the name, Bellwether, makes me hope that Connie Willis will be involved.

Same here.

The town does have an artsy, independent movie theater, so I’m hopeful the movie will show there.

Who is Connie Willis?

Conniie Willis is a writer

Wikipedia has a pretty good summary, and I have failed in my attempts to form a link to it here.

Most importantly, she wrote a novel by the name of Bellwether, a Connie Willis retelling of a fairy tale - the fairy godmother in disguise.

She specializes in farce and has published many short stories in Asimov's. -SRS