I Hope You’re Having a Doo-Wop Holiday Season

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This isn’t as out there as last year’s holiday song; it’s just a smile-producing, upbeat version of one of my favorite Christmas songs, so I want to share it.

I present The Drifters:

(Watch it on YouTube)

Happy holidays to one and all!

All the best

To you and yours, during this holiday season and always.

White Christmas, I haven't seen one of those since 1987. Can't say I miss it.

Stay warm.

Happy Yule & Merry Christmas

Season's Greetings to you, Snolfs 1 & 2, and Lobo too.

That's great!

I never heard that rendition. The white reindeer really makes it. LOL

No "white Christmas" here in NE Wyoming, unless you count the patchy blotches left from the last storm. But that's fine with me... my guests will be able to get to grandma's house for a little private supper. Nobody could come for a week last year. :)

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday, lots of good food and dear friends among your company.