An Easy Guide to Healthful Eating

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If you eat paleo or primally, at least. For those of you not on one of those bandwagons, you may find some amusing items nonetheless ...

Behold this lovely flow chart, from reFOCUS:

Paleo flowchart by Nicole Voelzke

The only substantive quibble I have with it is that for many people, dairy is okay (raw and/or fermented dairy products being best). Otherwise, this is how I try to eat at least 80% of the time. And it’s how I lost 25 pounds easily, and have kept it (mostly) off very easily. (Stress remains a big issue for me; and when I’m under a lot of stress, it’s easy to put 5 lb. back on almost overnight. Fortunately, it disappears just as quickly most of the time too, which suggests it’s mostly water.)


Very funny, thanks.

Glad to hear that Paleo is working well for you.

That ain't paleo.


The purity tests can be almost as bad as others with which we’re familiar. I don’t consider myself a devotee of any specific diet, in part because of that attitude—but I will say that that’s why I respect Mark Sisson the most of all the paleo writers I have encountered. He is specifically contra purity: he encourages readers to shoot for an 80%/20% primal/nonprimal ratio for everyday eating habits; he allows for occasional splurges outside that proportion; he seems to keep up with the research in the area and publicly admits it when he changes his mind about something; and even though he follows the research, he understands that each person’s biochemistry is unique, and thus encourages readers to try things and tweak one’s way of eating in order to find the optimal balance for oneself. Hell, he even admits to having sugar in his morning coffee.