Happy Rush Day!

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It is 2-1-12, and I imagine Rush fans worldwide are celebrating this auspicious day. For my part, I will spare those of you who might have encountered too many references to/vids of 2112, and instead offer up one of my favorite instrumentals.

Fellow bassheads, please enjoy Malignant Narcissism from the Snakes & Arrows release:

(YouTube link to vid)

Yummy. Anyone else care to share a favorite Rush song via a comment?

Something for Nothing

I've always been partial to Something for Nothing.

Good one!

I like that song a lot too—at one point I had written out the ending bit and posted it on the wall in front of my desk at work, where I couldn't help but see it several times a day.

So Many...

There are so many good Rush songs. You know their music better than I do, but I like Afterimage and Losing It quite a bit (plus more popular songs like Limelight and Spirit of Radio). Among their instrumentals I especially like Yyz. What are some other songs for bassheads that you'd recommend? (By the way, I've ordered a custom electric bass, which should arrive in a few weeks. Yay!)

Basshead bests

I’ve not been able to crank the tunes for quite some time, and now that I am, I haven’t yet set up my Linux box in order to enjoy my music! That means I’m going to try to address your question from memory, so I will probably not do as good a job as I’d like.

It seems to me that Rush has been getting more bluesy with each release—at least a few songs sound bluesy to me, anyway—and with that, Geddy has let fly much more. From Snakes & Arrows, the tune that’s most basshead friendly is Malignant Narcissism—but alas, it’s so very short! Driven, off of Test for Echo is great too; Geddy used it as the launchpad for a banging solo on that tour (and you might be able to find some vids of it on YouTube). I think One Little Victory on Vapor Trails is also good, but I don’t listen to that disc much because the sound is so crappy. The song Roll the Bones on the release of the same name is pretty good ... that’s all that’s coming to me after a quick look through their recent discography, but it should be enough to get you started. I know I’m forgetting some.

Has your bass arrived yet? I’m looking forward to hearing how you like it. My daughter has expressed an interest in learning to play my flute, so I’ll be picking that up again, which pleases me.

What a Rush

Sunni, thanks so much for sending along the music recommendations while you're in the throes of moving. I really appreciate it!

Unfortunately the bass has not yet arrived, but it should appear any day now. The suspense is killing me.

I won't get to working on a Rush project for a while, but it's never too soon to start my listening research. :)

One more for you

Now that I have my desktop computer up and can play music, I expect I’ll come up with several more. Where’s My Thing? is another jammin’ instrumental.