Are "dead tree" newspapers doomed?

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There is a brand new newspaper here in Wyoming. Liberty's Torch

The website is not the greatest, but we'll be working on improving it. The main effort now is putting out and distributing the dead tree paper. Started in Cheyenne 6 months ago, and already trying to expand from a monthly to a bi-weekly, hopefully before the end of the year. Then they'll look at weekly, and finally shoot for daily.

I got involved when the link was posted to a forum I frequent. I emailed the publisher with a comment and the rest is history.
Right now I'm traveling around the area talking to people, passing out samples of the paper and establishing distribution points in businesses. They'll be recruiting reporters and writers from the various regions soon, to begin covering local news and issues. I'll be writing some of that too, naturally.

The response so far has been incredible, so we'll move this along as quickly as we can.

I'd say that the reports of the demise of newspapers is greatly exaggerated.

I used to love newspapers.

To me, the best thing in the world was taking a crisp new newspaper, unfolding it, and devouring it. Well, everything except the ads and the sports section. It was the height of decadent luxury, I'd make a total mess all over the living room.

If I was really lucky, I could do it more than once or twice a week.

Even then, there was a pattern. Stories would hit the NY Times first, and then a day or so later the television news, and then a little while longer the local papers. But you could count on the local paper for the in depth look for the good stuff. And the editorial content was almost always local.

About the time you could start reading the news online, the various newspapers started consolidating. Now even the editorial stuff is remarkably similar from city to city. Often it's the same chains doing the same stories over and over.

I think there could be a niche market for a local paper with a strong editorial voice. I wish you luck.

We hope so...

Nothing beats the internet for breaking news and things like photographs and videos, but I think a well written newspaper for in depth news and analysis is also important. You have time to contemplate both then.