The Price of Liberty website is (NOT) for sale.

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Thought one of the "conspirators" might know of someone looking for a domain name...

Domain name for sale: $35. to good home...

The Price of Liberty has had a long run, since October, 2003. After long considerations, I've decided that it's time for me to do something else. I may start a simple blog.

The last issue will be posted on September 10, 2012 unless someone buys the domain name and chooses to continue the old format. The hosting bill is due on Sept. 19. Total cost per year has been about $120.

The domain renewal is due July 15. I will pay it the day before. If you wish to pick it up now, we can transfer it when you pay for it yourself. I'm not asking for any gain. I will download and retain all of the archives before turning it over. Then do as you will.

Well, well... so I'm a woman and I can change my mind! :)

I had a bad day, and a bad experience with a reader... and I made a hasty decision before I knew all the options...

Mea culpa

Anyway, it turns out I can continue to use the old domain name and, maybe, even the same host and convert it to a Wordpress blog!

I'll be working on that... and would be grateful for any suggestions from those with experience doing this on Wordpress. Or, if you know of something better than that, I'd love to hear about it.

So... back to deleting useless and outdated data from the old PoL website. I'm about to go over my memory quota for the server and need to get out the BIG pruning hook. :)

The Price

Hi Mama, I don't know anything about how your site is constructed or hosted, but it's fairly easy to run a WordPress blog. Let me know if you'd like some more detailed pointers.


The old site is simply done with an html editor and uploaded via FTP. It's been an increasing struggle since I converted totally to linux because the html editor program available is poor and very frustrating to use. I was looking hard for a better program, then talked to Thomas Knapp and he suggested I just do a blog instead. Voilà! Problem solved... sort of. LOL

I'm very interested in more information about Wordpress, and would especially like to find a TEXT tutorial. I have no idea how it works as yet... and need to know before I make up my mind. My hosting company says they support Wordpress with no problems, so I won't have to change that either.

Was considering just downloading it and seeing what I could learn on my own, but I'm open to suggestions! :)


First of all, why are you using a hosting company and paying them 100+ FRNs a year? I could host it for free at my virtual private server (I host several WordPress sites for friends that way).

Basically, WordPress puts all your files in a database. Now, personally I'm not a big fan of that, and I've converted my own blog back to plain old HTML files (!). But I freely admit that WordPress is really easy to use for authors, and that not everyone wants to hand-edit HTML files as I do. Plus there are lots of plugins for WordPress, different themes you can select from for different looks, and so on -- a whole ecosystem of software to use. And that's above and beyond the core WordPress features (authoring, commenting, etc.).

Anyway, ping me directly if you'd like to have a more detailed conversation about WordPress, hosting, and the like. I think you might still have my email address, but if not then Sunni does.

Sounds wonderful! Thank YOU!

I'd be glad to pay YOU to host my blog, of course. :) I don't think I have your email address, but you can have mine. [eddress redacted by Sunni]

Sunni has her hands full right now. :)

Anxious to get this going. I've been coding html since 1996 and I'm REALLY ready to do other things. :) A simple blog where I could just write and collect links would be a wonderful change.


Email sent. Let me know how I can help!


You are terrific! Now all I need is to find a text tutorial and learn how to use this blog stuff. I have no idea. LOL

Not as full as my absence might suggest.

All the same, I'm glad you two connected and got things sorted. I'll also mention that you both use encryption with me, and so could do so with each other if you've a mind to do so. :-)

Mama, just because my name is on this place doesn't mean that it isn't your place as well. You're welcome to “write and collect links” here—that can be easily accommodated.

I know... and appreciate it. :)

The Price of Liberty has quite a following (surprised me how much when I mentioned shutting down), and so it seems good to continue in that venue. We can cross post any time we like! :) But I believe we do have mostly different "audiences," if you will. It's all good.

And yes, "Saint" and I use good old PGP... :)