Creating Some New Traditions This Season

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I have been deep in home-improvement projects of late—mostly painting the interior, although there’s plenty of outdoor work that needs attention as well. The very short days make that difficult to get to, however; by the time I’m done with work, the sun is low enough in the sky that I’d barely get started before it faded enough to make it time to stop.

The big project—and topic of discussion for the three of us—has been how to celebrate the solstice this year. We’ve celebrated it the past couple of years, but this is our first opportunity to go all out. I suggested a Scandinavian pagan theme for the festivities, which was warmly received, so we all have been exploring ideas. It’s been a lot of fun, learning about ancient customs and thinking about which ones to use.

There is another holiday tradition that I sort of fell into; and I would be greatly remiss if I were not to continue it this year.

Do you remember my first featured (politically incorrect) holiday song? Or last year’s doo-wop greetings? Along with procuring a julbok, a nice ham, some Swedish anchovies (for Janssen’s temptation), and other holiday trappings, early in December I got an itch in my brain to find a suitably offbeat holiday song to share with you seven, as has become tradition. This is one of my favorite holiday songs, but sung by a person so incongruous to it that I couldn’t stop laughing the first time I saw this video. (Alas, I cannot embed the video here; the tech has moved on and the CMS here has not. Another reason to make upgrading a higher priority than it has been.) Please watch it; and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

All the best of the season to you and yours!

Happy holidays

To you as well. We continue our long tradition of not doing anything out of the ordinary, except staying up on New Years to watch the fireworks, which given our altitude are always spectacular.

White Christmas

I much prefer Bing Crosby... [grin] but at least we do have snow this week. Who knows if we'll have any by the 25th.

I have not done much for any of the "holidays" for quite a while here. The FSW locals usually get together for Thanksgiving, which we did this year, and I had the privilege of being an honored guest instead of the hostess... a novel experience, but very nice.

People here mostly hang out with their own families for the holidays, and that's been fine with me. Just never saw much point to "celebrating" anything all alone.

This year, however, a new FSW family has actively adopted me. They come shooting with me almost every week, and have taken me with them on all sorts of trips around the area. They're kidnapping me for Christmas dinner, and this week I've been dragging out old decorations I've not bothered with for a very long time. They got a big kick out of the fact that I am decorating a potted pine tree at least partly with 22LR ammunition.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and this time it's going to be fun. :)