A Happy Solstice to All

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I don’t recall if I’ve mentioned it here previously, but two years ago the snolfs and I started celebrating the winter solstice. Since I’m not a Christian, it seemed silly to celebrate Christmas, and to me personally New Year’s Eve is nothing special, since it’s simply a marker of time on one of many arbitrary calendars. I turned to my Scandinavian heritage and—not surprisingly at all—discovered that the winter solstice was a very important occasion for my ancestors. That made the decision to celebrate it very easy; but it hasn’t been until this year that we’ve been fully free to create our own celebration.

And create we have! I focused on the food aspect of the celebration, and with their input, tomorrow evening we’ll be having a fairly traditional feast, with some items modified for our own tastes. (Instead of trying lutefisk, we’ll have pickled herring, which I remember my mother enjoying on the rare occasions when my family could afford it.) We have lots of frozen “ice candles” ready (tea lights are set inside frozen candleholders, which are made with water—colored, if desired, and often with decorative items placed inside as well—then placed outside and lit) for both the front and back of the house; red LED lights adorn the front porch and a strand of white-light snowflakes span the big bay window in the front of the house. We have two julbock and lots of candleholders inside, and may make some other decorations today or tomorrow; Snolf Mk I found this page full of great Scandinavian yule craft ideas, many of which we want to try... if not this year, maybe next. We’re certainly in no hurry to explore. I have a long-burning candle ready to light at sunset tonight; it’ll burn at least until sunrise tomorrow, as is custom. We also have a small place set up outside for a yule fire.

Lobo’s first brood and another family, all of whom are friends with us, will be coming over to celebrate with us. I wish you seven could be here as well! You’ll definitely be remembered, as I will drink a toast to your health and happiness over the next cycle of seasons and beyond. Best wishes to all readers for a happy holiday season!

Happy Solstice!

It sounds like an awesome celebration "Yule" be having! I'm jealous!

That Winter Thing

It sounds like you're having fun planning your celebration, so I hope you all enjoy it immensely!

So far, so good

I was awake early this morning, eager to see the sunrise and start the day. Gifts have been exchanged amongst the three of us, and a lovely bottle of Torrontés opened to toast my best friend's wedding this morning in North Carolina. (We attended via Skype. Isn’t technology marvelous?)

Off I go to do more cooking, as well as tend the garden a little... Happy Solstice, everyone!


My new Wyoming "family" is kidnapping me for most of the weekend, so I'm busy in the kitchen too. I asked them what they'd like me to make and they chose New York bagels. Seems they can't get anything even close here. Do hope I can at least get "close!"

And I'll lift a wee dram of Bushmills to salute you all as well.

Athbhliain faoi mhaise duit - Gaelic for (Wishing you) A prosperous new year

You could do worse than

You could do worse than observing the natural transitions and cycles rather than an arbitrary mark on a calendar.

My long line of farmer ancestors would agree, and they were mostly Christian.