Time for Some Electrifying Music

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Snolf Mk. I and I share a fondness for very unusual musical instruments. It was he who introduced me to this genre:

(Watch on YouTube if you prefer)

For those of you who were able to set aside my awful pun and listen, wasn’t that some wickedly cool techno music? That is amazing stuff.

The downside is that Snolf Mk. I has discovered that people have their own Tesla coils at home... and I’m starting to be a little suspicious of his sudden, strong desire to “earn as much money as possible”. I wonder how much insurance would run for something like that.

A little goes a long way! :)

I can see my oldest son going crazy for this. Age is no barrier. He's 46 and still plays "heavy metal" guitar.

Luckily, he also pays for his own insurance! LOL

Love it. Wondering exactly

Love it. Wondering exactly what is doing the vibrating to make the sound and what tricks were used to modulate it?

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