A Quick Check-In

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Hello you five—or are we down to three now? I’m not complaining: I’ve been so negligent here that I consider myself lucky that this place gets any readers these days.

Things have improved for us since the new year, by and large. And I’ve several things I want to share here, but haven’t made enough time to actually do that. I’m hopeful to do at least a bit of that this weekend... the short form in the interim is: our health is good; karate is good (I’m slowly improving at our new kata, heian sandan); I’m working on brewing my first batch of water kefir; and I’m several steps closer to a new path I hinted at a while ago.

Meanwhile—and more important—how you all faring? Please share whatever you’d like via a comment. I think of so many people so regularly that there’s a good chance you’re among them... I hope you and yours are doing well.

I don't comment much...

...but I still read regularly. I hope you're doing well, Sunni!

I still stalk you. ;)

I'm glad things are going better in your world! I hope they keep improving all year long.

And by "stalk", I just mean I read but rarely comment.

I should also post at some

I should also post at some point. I'm glad to hear you are doing well and that your health is good. That is the most important.

Water kefir sounds interesting, but I'd rather avoid sugar all together, so... We now have goats. For a bit more that a year actually. Tasty meat and good milk. We are also experimenting with meal worms for chicken feed. We will see how it goes.

Both my girls are officially adults, but of course we are still their parents so get advise them (or nag, depending on your POV).

Other things happening as well but that is all for now.

Still here ...

Life continues apace. Lots of snow, frigid temperatures. Trying to remain sane.

So glad to see this...

I look at this page nearly every day and wonder how you are doing. Glad to hear things are going better.

After about two weeks, and consulting a number of different sources for instructions, I've finally managed to make consistent milk kefir. Can't say I care much for the taste, but it isn't bad. Still have not tried mixing it with finished yogurt, but I will. I do like yogurt, just know that the kefir has more nutrients and stuff. Bought a gallon bottle and airlock, so will make juice kefir as soon as I get enough "grains." Some instructions say you can use them for both, some say you need special "water" grains. Don't know, but will find out.

Mild winter so far here, and not much of it left. I've taken out all of the seeds and planting stuff at least twice now, and have a little box filled with the seeds I will start indoors... soon - just never soon enough!! The big problem this year will be having some place to set the seedling pots. My orchids and other plants fill the solarium bathroom upstairs, and there really isn't any other area available. But I'll think of SOMETHING.

Looked hard and found some "short season" vegetable varieties and will try them all this spring. Also, I bought seeds for edible weeds like Dandelion. They are excellent sources for vitamins and minerals, and would be especially useful in a "crunch" situation, but the plants that grow wild here have leaves a few inches long, and few of those. Hopefully, the new seed will give me much larger plants and will naturalize well.

I also found a bean that grows and produces well here, in spite of the cool summer and short season, so I got a large amount of the seed and will do my best to can or dry the beans for winter use. They are truly beautiful as well, a yellow wax type with a purple splotch on them. Wonderful flavor too.

Will probably go back to work at the new hardware store in town and manage their greenhouse again this spring and summer. I do hope I have finally convinced the owner not to order quite so much at a time!!! Not sure I want to be responsible for that, myself, but it might happen.

Laddie (my Welsh Corgi) will be three years old in the spring, and he's finally shaping up to be a fair watchdog. He didn't make a sound the first few months he was here (a rescue) and I had to actually encourage him to bark at certain things. He's chosen his own now, of course. All trucks must be "watched," and those going by too fast need to be barked at and even escorted across the width of the yard at top dog speed. UPS and USPS delivery persons are cool and are never barked at... sometimes they bring COOKIES!!! Other visitors may be barked at if he is in the yard, but if he is inside he never barks if someone comes to the door. He'll go greet them, but I suspect he is convinced that indoor security is my job. After all, I'm the one with the gun!! :)

I still breeze through a

I still breeze through a couple of times a week on my way somewhere vaguely important.

If only I could remember what that was.

Always good to see you Sunni.

So good to hear from each of you!

I do my best to keep up with your activities online as well, and hope all’s well with you both online and off. Thanks for your notes!

I’m not sure my water kefir crystals are fully active yet, but they do make bubbles in the sugarwater solution, so I’m drinking it as it cultures. Once I know they’re fully active, I’ll start to explore the depths of flavoring it... as is, it’s very bland.

Water vs. milk grains

I started my first grains in grape juice just yesterday. The person I got my start grains from said there is really no difference between milk and "water" grains, and so I segregated a little of what I had and started it in juice. No particular activity yet, but we'll see what happens.

I do encourage anyone who starts using kefir to take it slowly. There can be major gastro intestinal changes, and they can be... how shall I put this... explosive. :)

And not all in the bathroom.

Just last weekend I went through a 48 hour period of extreme lethargy, profoundly sore muscles and joints, and night sweats I've not experienced since menopause. (I'm 67 and was "spayed" in 1974... experiencing surgical menopause at that time. NOT FUN!)

Recent intense problem seems to have been a "healing crisis" of some kind, elimination of toxins and a realignment of enzymes or a combination. No signs of any sort of infection or "flu." Not pleasant at all, but I feel much better now than I have for some time.

If it would just heal the torn ligaments in my back, I'd be a whole new woman! sigh... Utopia is not an option.

Still around.

Still around.


I chimed in last week, but forgot to post it past the preview, I guess. Memory is the first to go, right?


Murphy's Bye-Laws

I've done that!

No matter how hard I try not to, that has happened to me... and in the early days I used to fuss thinking "someone" had deleted my post. Now I know better. :)

Hey! You posted something!

Glad to hear things are improving for you.

No big changes here -- we're reasonably healthy and happy, and life is pleasantly boring. I did start a new blog, Arganagh, but I haven't gotten myself motivated to post much yet.

Personal blogs are starting to be the slide rules of the Internet, but some of us shall keep the tradition alive!

Best wishes to you. :-)

Cool blog!

I've bookmarked your blog and will visit often. :)

Upswings are more fun

I came back to life.

It seems there were still some things my ... father ... didn't want to say out loud. Parents are such wusses.

I've been checking in from time to time to see what you're up to. The snolfs must be a young man and woman by now, instead of charming little ones. Hellos to them.

I've been feeling your pain and cheering your triumphs. Glad to hear you seem to be on the upswing.

And we appear to be more than five!

Sunni works a miracle ... :)

Welcome back to blogsville, BW!

George Potter, RIP

Saw the news about George on Facebook: dead from heart attack, and thought I would share the info with you as I and another used your link to micropiece on his wall. You might get some page hits from that.

I look in occasionally here, but don't usually comment. I'm not sure if I messed up my password. :/
[I guess not, since I logged out and back in :) ]

checking in

Logged in on a temp session, seem to get errors trying to set my password so I don't know if I can return. Miss you guys, hope you are well, and, I see that you have heard the news. RIP George :/

Thank you for the news...

...sad though it is. George is one of the people I most missed after our paths diverged. I’m not even sure where to try to catch up on what he wrote. His distinctive voice will be missed.

As for the rest of you, it is wonderful to see so many great people piping up on this thread. I’ll make sure that new and revived blogs are in the sidebar ASAP... perhaps today, but more likely tomorrow, as I was planning to just dash in with a quick announcement.

Regarding passwords and such: I know it’s a PitA, and I apologize for it. This platform is increasingly showing its age, and despite resolving to have it addressed by now, I’ve been so busy that it’s slipped through my fingers yet again.