It’s a Miracle: I’m Gestating!

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Well, not really gestating. One could say (I obviously do) that I’m gestating in a metaphorical sense.

What I mean by that is this: in about nine months—if all goes well—I should be just a gov piece of paper shy of being a licensed massage practitioner (masseuse, if one wants to get all fancy and frenchified about it). It’s a fairly big step for me, as I’ve been out of an academic environment for nearly 20 years now, and haven’t been in any healthcare-related field for even longer. I’ve been considering a move like this for some time—adding to my skill set, so that I’m not dependent on one type of activity to support myself—and about a year ago, decided that current conditions are about as good as they’re going to get for doing something about it.

The program is in the evening, so I’ll be able to continue working while taking classes—but my days are going to be quite full while I’m doing both. Much will be happening and I will have little control over big swaths of the process, which is why I liken it to being pregnant (the time frame aligns quite nicely too). If the program goes just half as smoothly as my pregnancies did, I’ll be very pleased.

I chose massage for a number of reasons. First and foremost, I have always been fascinated by anatomy and physiology; it’ll be great to have a reason for studying them in depth at long last. Second (and almost as important), with this training I’ll be able to provide a meaningful service to people and by extension, the community. Third, the training is highly focused—rather like medical school, but without all the requirements and expense of medical school (not to mention the huge opportunity costs)—the program is vocation oriented, not degree oriented (although one may continue on with additional coursework to get an associate’s degree if one wishes). I’ll have the option of seeking employment with a variety of potential employers (spas, medical clinics, gyms, rehab facilities, etc.), or I can continue with my self-employment path and try to establish and build a clientele. And by going through this program, I’ll be showing the snolfs that it’s never too late to pursue a passion or change one’s course in life. I’m hopeful that as they approach adulthood, having seen me go through the entire process of selecting and building a new set of marketable skills will inspire and motivate them to identify and start to pursue their own dreams and goals.

As of right now, I’m in a waiting place: the program begins in spring quarter, which starts next month. I’m looking forward to starting this gestation in earnest. As with a pregnancy, I know there will be challenges and unexpected difficulties, but it’s also time limited, and at the end one should have a welcome, positive result to show for all the effort. Here’s hoping it turns out that way!

Very cool.

I wish you well in this endeavor. Learning a new marketable skill is always a good thing. The next nine months are likely to be hard work, but with a clear reward at the end. All the best.

Keep us posted!

I hardly need to wish you good luck, since I already know you will be a great success. But remember that you are thought of fondly by so many, and we hope to see at least a brief update now and again. :)


Sunni, what wonderful news! I know you've been contemplating this path for some time, and it is great to see you taking the big first steps. We will all be wishing you the very best.

That's great, Sunni!

Good luck!

Thanks, everyone!

It feels good to be expanding my options in a way that taps in to longstanding interests.


Best wishes on this project!