Uh, Anyone Want to Talk About Obamacare?

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Having long been among the ranks of the medically uninsured, I’m supposed to be going meekly into the fold sometime over the next few days, but having actually looked at my options, it’s doubtful that I’m gonna.

I will do my best not to spin into another rant on the law itself (the first one still stands on its own fairly well), but instead stick to the topic of trying to figure out if the coverage is worth it.

The only reason I even bothered to explore my options is because I now officially have sole custody of the snolfs. Lobo’s health insurance plan was vaporized in part because of the law, and his relocation to Puerto Rico means he’s covered there. I’m willing to stick my neck out for myself, but when it comes to my kids, the equation changes a lot. They have been remarkably healthy so far, but that can change... and other things can happen. Karate things can happen—in fact, I think Snolf Mk. I and are are fairly fortunate that the most we’ve had are minor injuries thus far, requiring little more than ice and rest.

Even so, the math still doesn’t add up, as far as I can see. I say that because all one gets on the website are pieces of information and estimates. “Fill out our forms and we can provide more accurate information”, they promise; but I don’t want to give them any contact information for me, because as soon as I do, I’ll be hounded until I Do My Duty to Support the Insurance Sec— Law.

In this state, the situation is more confusing, because it’s one of the states that expanded its Medicaid program. Apparently my income is low enough that the snolfs are eligible for it, while I would have to get my own private policy, I guess. Medicaid may have changed in the years since my parents dealt with it due to my mother’s terminal illness, but back then it had strict income and asset limits. One step over those lines, and it’s gone, baby. I’m not at all interested in worrying about that kind of crap.

In the end, it comes down to the same damn thing: I can’t afford the cheapest of the monthly premium estimates I’ve been shown; and the deductibles and co-pays for those policies are so high that it’s very unlikely that I’d actually meet them and have the actual insurance start to pay out. Plus there would be all the constraints on whom one may see, and going through a gatekeeper to get seen by a specialist, and all that nonsense... I can feel my blood pressure rising just thinking about dealing with all that bullshit again. It’s beyond my comprehension that so many people think this convoluted mess is a good system.

Yet they do—and moreover, they have no problem attempting to coerce others into joining: I offer Exhibit A. I’m pretty sure this isn’t a satirical piece; and thus I’m quite saddened that its content is considered worthy of publication in this country. The nanny statism truly is rampant.

So I was steeling myself to pay the fine, but after doing some exploring on that subject, it appears that that part of the law has no enforcement teeth: the only way the IRS can collect if an individual doesn’t voluntarily pay is by confiscating it from a tax refund. Heh.

This entire situation has been one mess after another—and it certainly doesn’t do much for the vaunted rule of law to have this one tweaked so frequently and so publicly. Not that I have a problem with that, o’course, but again, it’s amazingly disappointing that so many people seem unable or unwilling to try to connect these dots.

What’s your experience been on this? I’m sure I’m not the only Obamacare refusenik here; but I’m also interested in anyone’s positive experiences with all the changes it has brought.

No experience either way

The only time I've ever had insurance was for a year or two about 14 years ago or so, when my wife-at-the-time had a good policy that covered me, too. But, we parted ways soon...

I basically have no income, so I know I can't afford any policy. I refuse to marry Nemesis, so I can't get on her policy. I'm also not going to waste my time trying to navigate any government "insurance" ObamaCare-connected website. So I guess I'll see what happens when I have to get medical care again.

Gladly, I'm past that point

I've never actually had any "health insurance" that I had to purchase myself. I've lived long periods of time with none at all, even when I had small children. Most of our ancestors never even dreamed of such a thing as "insurance," of course. Right now I have "Medicare, part A" only, since it is not optional at my age. I've never used it, and have no intention of doing so. I take it day by day.

The whole scam of insurance and government regulation/control - with active collusion by so much of the medical industry - has made medical care of most any kind thousands of times more expensive and difficult for individuals to control, but there are signs that this unholy cartel is starting to break up. Obummercare has only been the latest wedge and the fools not only created this wedge, but daily swing the sledge hammer to drive it deeper into the cracks.

First, payments for medical services, any kind, are obviously tied to the general economy as well as the control mechanism of regulation and "insurance." As that gets worse, good service will be harder to find, or to obtain if found. Having "insurance" has little or nothing to do with actually finding any care, let alone good care.

With the meltdown of the economy, and the ever increasing imposition of both restrictions and poor compensation for medical professionals and those who support them with services and supplies, doctors and the best/brightest of all medical professionals will be looking for other ways to continue in business and make a living. The "gray market" is alive and well, and many medical professionals are moving their operations into that zone.

The opportunities and information availabe for taking charge of one's own health and wellness is at a peak now, I think. One of the "silver linings" in the Obummercare black cloud is that more people are being pushed into taking a hard look at their own health and what they can personally do to remain healthy. Lifestyle, diet, stress management and other serious considerations are on the table now, more than ever.

Unless you break something, or develop a major leak somewhere, you are far better off managing your own health anyway. The establishment (insurance controlled) medical model is to render you sick and helpless as permanently as possible with drugs and fear mongering over such things as cholesterol. Not to mention the incessant invasion of privacy and assorted other malfeasance.

If you break something or leak, you may be forced to seek emergency care, but even then there may be underground services available. The trick is to locate them now, and form a working relationship before you need it. Sort of like what we used to think "insurance" would be. And there are gray market physicians, etc. who work on a "concierge" basis, a far superior thing to any current form of "health insurance." You and the provider set the terms of the contract, and you can renegotiate it any time.

But, yeah, that takes money or other value to exchange. So, seems to me that the best idea is not to throw what money you do have down the "insurance" rat hole. As for any "penalty," I wouldn't worry too much about it now. The sad fact is that Obummercare was only the opening salvo. Much worse is in the pipeline and we will just have to play it by ear... The good news is that the incompetence and stupidity of these would be rulers seems to be growing exponentially... and that can only be a good thing.

As the diseased dinosaur dies, we need mostly to stay out of the way of the thrashing tail and not be there when the rotting carcass hits the ground.

It was never about insurance

It was never about insurance or medical care. Notice the deliberate confusion between the two…

When it is up, the website requires you to give all sorts of personal, financial, and medical information on you and your relatives. Before you get to see what the prices are.

Over time, the "fixes" will eliminate any medical care independent of government. This is already beginning to hit the insurance companies. Doctors are fast discovering that they can't afford an independent practice anymore. Hospitals and clinics are next.

And if tomorrow, Citizen, the Imperious Leader sends out word that Happiness Supplement #23 must be taken daily under penalty of law, what will the sheeple do?

Not yet.

Take a look at this blog and the Oklahoma Surgery Center website.

There are some, and increasing numbers, of doctors and facilities who are fighting back, and doing something rational about this mess. Whether or not they'll be able to continue out in the open for very long is a good question...

But don't discount the black and gray markets. No government has ever managed to stamp out free trade completely... no matter how hard they try. I don't see anything different in the future.

I apologize. I went into

I apologize. I went into rant mode, even if it was only a mild one.

This isn't the place for that.

Oh no. :)

Rant mode is the lifeblood of most any blog. :) This one too, and your rants are most certainly as welcome as mine. :)

I just thought you might not have heard of this. It is really easy to see all the crap around, and lose sight of the fact that people have been dealing with similar crap for much of recorded history. And people who care develop work arounds endlessly. And in endless variety, which is the essence of the free market anyway! :)

No apology necessary

Believe me, NeoWayland, I share your frustration and sense of inescapability at all this crap. You’re as welcome to vent/rant/share here as anyone else.

As for me, I realized that my concern over the snolfs being uninsured is pretty silly, as they’re healthier than I am. So we go on as uninsured as before, and with more money in pocket to help keep us well fed and healthy.


Actually, I never had any doubt.

But yes, we're all frustrated and angry. All the rational choices are being made more and more difficult, in so many ways. So much good is being destroyed, and there is just so little any of us can do about it.

When I consider all of the money I've paid to "insurance" companies, for one reason or another, it gets terribly depressing. I have made exactly ONE claim on auto insurance, after my son wrecked my car, and have never made a claim for home or renter's insurance, though I've paid faithfully.

Aside from the minimum auto PL&PD, I think I'm all done paying for "insurance."