Achievement Unlocked: First Term Is Completed!

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And I (for the most part) did better than I expected to. Of course, there were some important nonacademic things learned along the way as well...

First and foremost is that the snolfs are pretty well prepared to be independent in several respects. Snolf Mk. I took it upon himself to become chief cook in my absence—even going so far as to make sure dinner was hot and ready for me when I got home. That kind of thoughtfulness will serve him very well once he starts to date... and it’s meant a lot to me during this hectic three months.

The support and acceptance of my fellow students has been amazing. Being the oldest student in the class by far, I wasn’t sure how they’d respond to me; but it’s been nothing but positive. In fact, the whole group is pretty tight: everyone supports each other and respects each other as individuals; we help each other out in many ways; and we like to hang out together after class, too. According to our instructors, we’re quite different from previous cohorts in this way. As frustrated as I was during the years of saving up to pay for this program, I am now very glad to have come to it at this time. I’m very grateful to have each of my fellow classmates in my life.

My intuition is strong, and a pretty good guide when I’m able to follow it. There were times over the quarter when that wasn’t possible; and it was extremely challenging for me to let go of what my intuition was telling me and instead do what was required of me. I don’t expect to have much of that in my work once I’m licensed, but it may come up again during the program... and I’m not sure what to do about it if it does. Providing a good massage to a client relies on having a solid technical foundation, of course, but arguably equally as much on how to apply that knowledge successfully. There’s a bit of art to it; and I want to develop that aspect as much as possible.

Good nutrition is vital when in a stressful situation like this. Yes, I still love the work, but the extra workload and the academic demands are additional stress in our lives. I found that when I turned to alcohol and sweets as treats or stress relief, it was all too easy to let go of my self-discipline and overindulge. Thus I need to keep that stuff out of the house for the remainder of the program... an occasional treat when out with everyone is okay; daily doses will get me heavy PDQ, especially since I’m not able to train at the dojo three days a week.

Next quarter we delve into treatment techniques. It’s a lot of much more detailed information, we’re told, and the time frame is even shorter than this quarter: just eight weeks, with classes going until 10 p.m. most nights. The snolfs will be with Lobo during the last month of the term, which will (mostly) be a good thing. But that will come when it comes... right now, I’m focusing on relaxing as much as possible, sleeping late when I can, and eating cleaner and getting more exercise in my daily routine.

How are things with you and yours? I’ve missed being here, and having the time to catch up with y’all at your various haunts.

So glad to hear from you!

I'm delighed that things are going well for you and that you are enjoying it. Even more, that you have found good relationships among your fellow students. I had a few experiences like that in college, and it made everything better.

Not much has changed here execpt that we're having a cool, wet spring and likely more rain than usual this summer. Nobody is complaining except the bean and tomato plants in the garden. They'd like it a bit warmer, thank you. :) The snow peas, however, don't want anything to change at all.

I do have a new gig... I was invited to write for JPFO, and my second article will be published tomorrow, Tuesday evening. I'm very proud and honored to be asked, and to join such writers as Claire Wolfe and David Codrea in the effort to inform and educate readers on the right to keep and bear arms.


So good to hear that your hard work is getting you the recognition you deserve, Mama. Please don’t hesitate to post links to your articles here, so that those of us who don’t regularly visit the JPFO web site can keep up with you.

You guys must be getting our weather... our spring was unusually dry and warm. I think Seattle set a record for the warmest May in recorded history.


Glad to hear you've had a successful and rewarding quarter. Best wishes for the future!

Nothing exciting to report here -- which is the way I like it. :-)

Good to hear from you.

I think of you often, good sir; so it’s great to know there’s nothing exciting going on with you. Take good care~~