Bear's Profile

Bear's a longtime friend whose handle says a lot about the kind of person he is. He's a kind man, and is generally a mild-mannered chap, but if you start messing with his freedom or his friends, you'd best beware. He'll be on you with a swift ferocity that'll astonish you. And you'll have earned it, because Bear is solidly pro-freedom and takes great pains not to initiate force.

Bear's one of the kind of men I admire most: competent at many things, and willing to experiment to expand his knowledge. He's smarter than he gives himself credit for, too. He's done a fair amount of pro-freedom activism in a variety of ways; these days, he seems most into monkeywrenching and pursuing personal freedom.

Like any friends who've explored each other's ideas in depth, Bear and I have gone around a bit. But our friendship has stood firm because we respect each other and tolerate our differences -- making his continued friendship all that more valuable to me. I'm extremely pleased that Bear's a conspirator, and look forward to the glimpses we'll get into his creative, clever mind.

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