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Guess what I’m up to? My friends and Knights at the Liberty Round Table have started a Google-bombing project directed at the Food Nazis. Read more about it and learn how to participate. It’s easy, educational, fun pro-freedom activism.

Snake News Update: My radio interview on Ernie Hancock’s radio program was fun, even if it did veer into a topic I’ve little use for, and interest in. What topic was that? Well, you can find out, by listening to the interview. Thanks to a very dear friend, I’m able to offer the interview in MP3 format, broken into 4 5MB segments. I’ve put them on the Liberty Round Table web site, as it’s on a faster pipe than this site. That link will take you to the page from which you can access the audio files from Ernie’s program, as well as other MP3 files from a 2002 radio interview I did with Keith Gottschalk.

All of this reminds me … if you’re interested in having me appear on a radio program in your area, or you do a radio program and would like me on as a guest, I’d be happy to do so. I require about two weeks’ advance notice, and prefer to have a general idea of what topics will be covered. Please send email to me (remove the anti-spam measure first) at sunni-spamsux@free-market.net.

I’ve finally been able to see the final Matrix movie, after hearing general discontented mutterings about it from libertarians as well as mainstream reviewers. In true contrarian fashion, I beg to differ with those assessments, and offer my thoughts in this essay: In Defense of the Matrix Movies. There is some general spoiler material, but I don’t reveal details, and one needn’t have seen the movie to follow the essay.

I’ve a number of great pieces to add to the Rogue’s Gallery, including several new Rogues. Of course, in pure egoist fashion, I concentrate on my own work first! I do hope to get more content up there soon, so please hang in there, Rogues-in-waiting!

New 11/16: Matrix movie commentary (mild spoilers)

New 10/20: Review of Innocents Betrayed

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