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Can You Create a Top 50 Libertarian Fiction List?

Precisely one week ago, Anders Monsen published his top 50 libertarian fiction list, and included the rules he chose. I particularly like his restriction of only one choice per author; not only does it help spread the love around, as it were, but it encourages the listmaker to reflect on the various volumes of, for example, Robert Heinlein and to attempt to articulate the ineffable: Which one do I really like best, and is good at promoting liberty?

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New Price of Liberty Blog

A sample post put up this morning...

I’ve not yet decided whether this will become a new novel… but it seemed like prophesy, so it seemed good to share it. There is hope for the future. Always has been and always will be. The human race will have to endure many hardships, trials and sorrows to get there. But then, we always have. No matter how dark the night, the dawn cometh.

I Remember Earth
By Susan Callaway (MamaLiberty)

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We All Stand on Others’ Shoulders

And I am long overdue in acknowledging three stalwart gentlemen whose shoulders have helped carry me further than my grownup self sometimes thought I could go.

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Time to Turn the World Around

Long past time, actually, but all who venture here know that. All who’ve ventured here over the years also know that the drumbeat I’ve marched to most consistently has been that of personal liberty, as contrasted to economic and political freedom, although as I recently observed, they cannot always be neatly categorized.

When I first got online and began exploring pro-freedom sites, I was very fortunate—I somehow came across Greg Swann. His ideas and the words he chose to convey them were oxygen to a sputtering spark inside me. If I have helped anyone understand the importance of individual liberty, if my words have helped bring eudaimonia to another’s way of being, then he deserves credit as well.

Today—not at all coincidentally—Greg has released a new book, Man Alive! It is short, it is available in its entirety at that link, and it is another heady hit of oxygen.

I have much more to say about the book and how it has affected me already, but that can all wait. For now, I want to thank Greg for—yet again—creating and sharing something that has resonated with the very fiber of my being... and again, at an enormously critical juncture for me.

Please, go read Man Alive! It truly is that important. I welcome any comments, questions, and/or observations you care to make in response.

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I Want This Book.

Well, it’s actually a five–volume set of books. Even at that, the price is outrageous—upwards of $500 once sales tax is added. But I’m still trying to work a way to acquire it.

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To Some of Us, the Small Things Matter

Creating a live–action movie from a book must be an amazing, arduous process. The director probably likes the book to even consider such a project. So it would stand to reason that certain details provided by the author would be preserved, insofar as such things are possible. I guess the only explanation is that Hollywood reason is like no other reason I know.

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Dude, You Made Galileo Boring?!

I didn’t think such a thing was even possible. But dude, you did it.

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Psychotic Babble (Two Types!)

Dear friend and fellow LRT Knight Carl Bussjaeger offered an amusing peek at some psychobabble ... and in poking around, I found the other psychotic babble, which is not so pleasant.

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Almost Worth Traveling To

Just when I needed it, along comes proof that the world isn’t an entirely batshit–insane place.

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R.I.P. Jim Hogan

Just in from the LRT discussion list:


We are saddened to report the passing of James P. Hogan at the age of 69.

Jim was alone at his home in Ireland when he died suddenly yesterday, July 12, 2010.

The precise cause of Jim's death has not yet been determined, nor is the exact time known.

We are in touch with the family and will release further information as it becomes available.

Tim Gleason

This Newsletter has been posted to:

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Back In the Market

I am, that is ...

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Great News for Pro–Freedom SciFi Lovers

My dear friend Carl Bussjaeger shared some good tidings with me, and has given permission for me to share with y’all. Let’s step in to the library ...

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Delving Into the Physics of Feelings

Books are marvelous wonders. They can take one places one never even knew one wanted to explore, subtly or boldly challenge one’s thinking, or offer fresh perspectives on any number of subjects or ideas. The Power of Premonitions unexpectedly did all these things, and more, for me. And I thought I knew what I was in for when I accepted an offer of a review copy ...

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State Agents Find New Ways to Steal

Okay, most of us have probably gotten our April 15 frustrations vented by now. I have a couple of recent stories to tell regarding other ways the state’s agents are coming up with to rob us.

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Invitation to an Open Conspiracy:

This is very interesting, and might possibly be a great "project," especially for those who still have their children in government schools, for whatever reason.