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This Linguistic Question Has Been Bugging Me Lately

Perhaps I can get it out of my head by inserting it into others’.

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Not Enough Types of Libertarian

Hoo boy ...

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Are Your Prescription Meds Helping You or Killing You?

If your response is “helping, of course!”, I have to ask: Are you sure? I was, but it turns out I was wrong. And evidence suggests I’m not alone.

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Reality and Liberty

I have a lot of conversations with folks who understand the growing problems and potential for disaster. Many of them are already well down the road to preparations for survival, many have just started, and most are somewhere between. Unfortunately, a few still cling to the idea that - if "we" ALL just would pay attention and DO SOMETHING - the old US Constitution could be resurrected, we could elect the "right people," and the police state would be gone.

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Exploring Yin and Yang

I’ve been thinking a lot about these concepts, especially since I have adopted a modified yin–yang symbol as my avatar on a couple of fora. In particular, I’ve mused over how to classify ideas and things in my life into this duality; it’s been an interesting exercise. It is by no means complete, but I offer a few of my observations for your amusement/consideration, and welcome any interested individuals to play along, either in the comments here or on one’s own blog. In the latter case, please drop a link here so we can find your thoughts.

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“Locallectually” Challenged

A friend sent me a link to the Locallectual web site, along with a suggestion (or was that a hint?) that I blog about it. I’ll admit that upon seeing the term, I wasn’t very inclined to agree with my friend, but after poking around the site for a bit ... well, here I am.

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Don’t Get Splattered!

I’m going to squeeze some catchup out here ...

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Is California Really Unique in Being “Ungovernable”?

That’s the claim of a recent Economist article, titled The Ungovernable State. While I agree with the author(s) somewhat (not knowing the details of California’s constitution nor governance systems, I’m trusting that the information in the article is at least nominally accurate), at a fundamental level California is not alone.

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Deconstructing an Old Saying

My weirdnesses are many; and today I reveal another one. Over the years I have spent a fair amount of time and brain-cycles mulling over proverbs, clichés, and sayings, trying both to understand them and to put them into an optimal context for myself. Sometimes that is much easier said than done ... and that’s certainly the case with this one. It’s bothered me probably from the first time I heard it.

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The Kent State Shootings, Reconsidered

In all honesty, I don’t know why I remember this date every year ... being all of eight years old when the Ohio National Guard opened fire on Kent State student protestors, killing four and wounding nine, I certainly can’t claim to have understood the event and its repercussions at the time. And yet ... when I was considering Ohio universities to apply to, only two were off the table for me: Antioch, because my mother forbade me from it (for reasons that she carried to her grave); and Kent State. More than likely hearing the Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young song Ohio with the refrain “Four dead in Ohio” seared the event in my mind more than the news of the day did.

However it happened, seared I was ... and while I usually just make mental note of the date, this year I’ve been thinking about the incident and its aftermath, in the context of today’s police state activities.

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Meaningless Words and the Real Power of Intention

This is a very interesting article. I would say that instead of "meaningless," the more accurate word would be highly variable. We do come to agreement on the meaning of words, and often on our observation of reality. That doesn't mean that agreement is perfect, of course, but far from meaningless.

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Tower or Lap?

I think it’s official: my computer is wanting to bow out. Intermittent display problems continue to plague it; and I discovered that GPG did something very weird with the last text I attempted to encrypt. I think I have a fairly recent backup of my home directory on an external device, and most of what I’d lose if I need to use it to recover are bookmarks.

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There will never be a time when it is not Now.

I’ll get it later is the photographer’s worst enemy. We ended up returning via a different route, and I wasn’t able to get the photo I wanted. My first lesson learned: never ever think “I’ll get it later”.

This comes from an article on photographing disaster scenes. In this case he (Neil Creek) was shooting the devastation of the recent fires in Australia, but no matter...

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The Ancient Highway Has Been Reopened

Several days back, Peter Saint-Andre made an excellent point in response to much of the rising concern people have regarding the state of this country and the global economy. In Where Are the Scenarios?, he observes:

... I rather doubt that a new Dark Ages is right around the corner. Sure, it’s possible, but what are the probabilities, based on current evidence, historical extrapolation, and scientific reasoning? Pointers are welcome. :)

At first I was all ready to fire back, emphasizing that even though a worst-case scenario may not happen, it is still a good idea to prepare for some hardship ahead ... but I didn’t. That would have been an aside to his point, and would have suggested I did not grok his point. I do. Survivalism seems to have become a popular angle for the fear-mongers in the media of late; and I have no interest in feeding the trend.

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Syn–thesis’ Anti–thesis?

I dunno if he meant it as such, but that’s what came to mind when I began reading an essay brought to my attention by The Endervidual. Let It Die seems a worthy counterpoint to at least some of NonEntity’s Synthesis.