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Err ... Clarifying That Last Post

Yet another example of the perils of blogging while sleep-impaired ... my “evening with four gentlemen” wasn’t what some of you might be thinking based on what I said! Here’s a little something to provide a clearer mental picture:

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My Evening with Four Gentlemen

My apologies for the lack of email responses, and general inactivity everywhere I’m usually spotted online. A few days back, I embarked on a jaunt, primarily to spend an evening with four gentlemen of my acquaintance.

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The future's uncertain and the end is always near

Some things have not changed much . . .

Let it roll, baby, roll . . .

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Farm on the Freeway

Often people mention roads as a function the state must perform. Eminent domain sometimes figures prominently in their arguments. Not long ago state roads came up here. I figure this post qualifies as somewhat relevant to that.

Unlike Sunni, who came "rather late to the Jethro Tull party," I’ve been a Tull fan for a very long time. I am willing to say they’ve made some of my favorite music (admittedly Anderson’s overblowing can distract, but I excuse it). I saw them perform live in Madison back in 1973 on their Passion Play tour. (Yeah, I’m getting old. I wasn’t certain about that concert date, but as always the web came in handy.)

If I asked who might represent libertarians in progressive rock (or folk rock, or some other rock category, I don’t want to argue over which Tull might best fit - that misses my point), I doubt many would suggest Jethro Tull as the group to get the nod. However, on occasion, they deliver a subtle anti-state message. I usually like subtle more than a swinging 2 by 4.

How many songs about the essential injustice of eminent domain can you name? How about this one ?

I find it moving.

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Happy Independence Day

Unofficial Steve Earle lyrics page; 'nuf said.

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You can't stop us on the road to freedom

You can't keep us 'cause our eyes can see.
Mainly marine images with a classic from Van Morrison.

Someone (not me) recently made a birthday present for their "angel."
(Click the player image on the start button to view here or on another part of the image to get the video at YouTube.)
I have lyrics after the "read more" jump.

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Sunni’s Salon for May/June Now Up!

Tom worked his webby magic on my ramblings and we are pleased to present to you the May/June issue of Sunni’s Salon. Don’t worry, there’s none of the negativity that burst out here fairly recently, and aside from my opening rambling remarks, it strikes me as a mostly light and fun issue. We hope you enjoy it!

Oh, and a scheduling note: it’s my goal to get future issues up closer to the beginning of the second month they cover from now on. This one was delayed by that aforementioned emotional turbulence; and I’m already taking steps to try to minimize the disruption my imminent adventure might bring on. Hoping is.

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Lady Day Interlude

I stayed up late last night, ostensibly to work, but instead I browsed YouTube for a bit ... and found some great stuff. Here’s one I especially enjoyed, even though the video part is too static—a live performance of Ain’t Nobody’s Business:

Direct link to the vid on YouTube.

I have reiterated many times how difficult it is for me to choose favorites ... but Billie Holiday has no serious competition for my favorite female singer.

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Attn: Wire-Haired Man-Goblin

For your reading pleasure, whenever you’re able to get to it: An insightful insider's look at Warren Zevon.

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Interesting Rushian Reading

I guess Ian is proving himself a bigger Rush fan than I am; he’s apparently been checking their web site regularly for new stuff. Yesterday he pulled an interesting quote out of the liner notes for Snakes and Arrows ... I found the entire essay [PDF] well worth reading.

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Music Versus Quasi-Music

I’ve just spent about 45 minutes downloading a bunch of music from two different sites that came to my attention within the past few days. One site primarily offers short clips of full songs; the other offers full songs in a variety of styles, including one I like but don’t see much of these days – ragtime.

So, anyone want to guess which music folder I’ve deleted, and which I’m currently listening to and enjoying immensely?

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For Older Music Lovers, and Drummers Especially

During all my years in band, I never even attempted to learn to play the drums – in retrospect, I guess I thought being left-handed would be a problem (never mind the fact that one of my best friends back then was an awesome drummer, and also a southpaw). Drumming seems to be one of the few things that is truly a binary function for me: either it’s good or it isn’t. [Okay, maybe it should be trinary, because those canned drum tracks that seem to be so popular aren’t simply bad, they are a blight infesting music with their bland safeness.] “Good” doesn’t necessarily mean dazzlingly complex, either. A nice variety of sounds that complement the other components of the music, and adds interesting variations in repeated verses or the chorus, is much appreciated.

But I also appreciate the razzle-dazzle of drum masters, and am happy to share a YouTube clip I found that celebrates two of the legends of drumming. Kirsten and Alex, this one’s for you (and you too, Uncle Warren)!

(YouTube vid link for those who prefer to go there to watch)

For those whose amusement tastes run differently, there are plenty of items to chuckle over in the Top 100 April Fool’s Day Hoaxes of All Time, as compiled by the Museum of Hoaxes. I’m rationing my reading of the list.

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Unofficial "Far Cry" Vid

Yah, I’m playin’ when I should be workin’ ... it’s been a tough week.

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Frank Zappa may get the credit for most folks’ knowing what those initials stand for, but I read somewhere that his was a cover of an older R&B tune. The initials stand for “White Port and Lemon Juice”—a sort of simple wine cooler way before Bartles and Jaymes’ time.

What am I doing thinking about booze so early in the morning? Well, I’ve been working hard at this month’s issue of the Salon, and the end is in sight—but there’s still a big push ahead, and I almost always work better after a bit of tipple. And it’s Friday at last! Also, I awoke this morning with that song running through my head; and now I’m thinking about various drink combinations I’ve tested and liked.

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Early Spring Critter Roll Call

But first, an important news bulletin: the Rush web site has tour dates up! Current listings run from June through October; the latter month is devoted to European venues. Looks like it’ll be a while before they show up near here ... but damn, Toronto on September 19 would be a terrific near-birthday celebration ... although I’ll admit to a little wistful longing when I saw “Riverbend” leading off the September schedule. Many good times with my brother were had at Riverbend ... 8/26 in Indianapolis, Michael! So it looks like I’ll have plenty of time to save up my pennies.

Now, on to the business at hand: the weather was glorious this past weekend, and I tried to enjoy as much of it as I could. We don’t have any new calves yet – holding at three for over a week now – but the influx of birds has been dramatic. Here’s a list of the more interesting ones that have been spotted: pileated woodpeckers (not a new arrival, though); swifts; loons (just passing through); kingfishers; bluebirds; red-winged blackbirds; sandhill cranes; and whooping cranes. No signs of hummingbirds, orioles, goldfinches, bald eagles, or turkey vultures yet.

Yesterday, the snolfs found several frogs of varying species, as well as a turtle in the creek. We haven’t seen any snakes about, but it’s just a matter of time, as they are abundant here. One can sit outside and practically watch the grass green up ... in fact, that sounds like a very good idea right about now. The ground is too waterlogged for the farmers to be out working the land, so apart from the occasional vehicle driving by, the air is filled with birdsong, breeze whisperings, and creek gurglings.