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Can You Create a Top 50 Libertarian Fiction List?

Precisely one week ago, Anders Monsen published his top 50 libertarian fiction list, and included the rules he chose. I particularly like his restriction of only one choice per author; not only does it help spread the love around, as it were, but it encourages the listmaker to reflect on the various volumes of, for example, Robert Heinlein and to attempt to articulate the ineffable: Which one do I really like best, and is good at promoting liberty?

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Farewell to Robin Gibb

I imagine nearly everyone who’d bothered to look at or listen to a news report yesterday knows that Robin Gibb died.

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Police Can Be Brutal the World Around

My friend Mike Gogulski apparently learned that lesson back in September, although he just published information about his unfortunate encounter with some Slovak policemen. As happens here in the USSA with disturbing frequency, Mike called them for help, and instead they turned on him.

I’m not sure what Mike intends to do from here, but he has requested support and I am giving it, by helping to publicize his story and archiving a copy of the report in case his web site is yanked. I can’t at present upload it here for sharing, but will happily email the PDF to those who request it. For now, it and other formats are available in Mike’s blog post I linked earlier; my dear friend Tom Ender has also archived Mike’s report.

If anyone wonders whether Mike is worth supporting, in addition to his fine blog I recommend reading my interview of him. Mike walks the walk, and surely is an inspiration to many.

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Delving Into the Physics of Feelings

Books are marvelous wonders. They can take one places one never even knew one wanted to explore, subtly or boldly challenge one’s thinking, or offer fresh perspectives on any number of subjects or ideas. The Power of Premonitions unexpectedly did all these things, and more, for me. And I thought I knew what I was in for when I accepted an offer of a review copy ...

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February Sunni's Salon

The latest, and last in the current format, issue of Sunni's Salon is now available.

If you find any errors please contact "the Endervidual" (or post a comment here) and I will attempt to correct them.

Please enjoy.

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If Voting Becomes Mandatory, I’ve Found a Template

I don’t regularly visit One Small Voice, because the posts are sporadic and often more techy–geeky than my reptilian brain can handle (also, it’s too easy for me to slither in to the “abundance of jewels” I’ve found scattered about and not emerge for hours ... and with my brain swirling with even more thoughts than I’ve time to consider, much less share). So that’s why I didn’t see his post-election item until this morning: I Unvoted!. We’re still working on restoring graphics upload capability here, so I can’t present his images for your convenience, and I dislike hotlinking to images unless it’s explicitly approved by the originating site ... so I encourage you to hie thee thither for the best way to deal with a ballot that I have seen to date.

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Reset and Reframe

Well, we are finally done with holiday travels, celebrations, and cleanups—at least, I think we’re done. As usual, I didn’t accomplish a lot of work during the season, but I was able to relax a lot ... which led to a good deal of reflecting and thinking. And those were profitable endeavors for me.

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Driven to the Edge of a Deep, Dark Hole

Well, things weren’t exactly that bad; but I have been in a bit of a funk lately. I’m working my way out of it, and one thing that’s helping is some of my favorite music:

(Link to vid on YouTube)

I adore this song on many, many levels. One very close to the top is Geddy’s wicked bass playing. Anyway, I’m driven to start completing various projects at long last, and have a time frame for the long overdue Salon. Turns out my October/November interview victim is having some issues now, so that’s going to be delayed for a while. Thus, I’ve decided to be really nasty to my thirteen Salon readers and do a double issue. Expect it in mid-December ...

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I’d Like To Be More of a Trader ...

“Are you a giver or a taker? I’m a trader.” As soon as I read that, in Nothing Comes Easy by Adem Kupi, something started shifting in my brain; that continued—and an insight coalesced—as I washed the dishes.

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I’ll Let You in on a Little Secret ...

... by way of explaining why a new issue of Sunni’s Salon still has not appeared.

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And We’re Back!

Well, that was pretty painless—from this side of the move, anyway. All the heavy lifting was done by the all-powerful techdeity; and many thanks to him for a job very well done.

Now, off I go to reconfigure my email client for the new server ... and may I suggest that y’all go off to browse the July/August issue of Sunni’s Salon? I know it was long in coming, but I hope you’ll find it worth the wait!

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Farm on the Freeway

Often people mention roads as a function the state must perform. Eminent domain sometimes figures prominently in their arguments. Not long ago state roads came up here. I figure this post qualifies as somewhat relevant to that.

Unlike Sunni, who came "rather late to the Jethro Tull party," I’ve been a Tull fan for a very long time. I am willing to say they’ve made some of my favorite music (admittedly Anderson’s overblowing can distract, but I excuse it). I saw them perform live in Madison back in 1973 on their Passion Play tour. (Yeah, I’m getting old. I wasn’t certain about that concert date, but as always the web came in handy.)

If I asked who might represent libertarians in progressive rock (or folk rock, or some other rock category, I don’t want to argue over which Tull might best fit - that misses my point), I doubt many would suggest Jethro Tull as the group to get the nod. However, on occasion, they deliver a subtle anti-state message. I usually like subtle more than a swinging 2 by 4.

How many songs about the essential injustice of eminent domain can you name? How about this one ?

I find it moving.

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Sunni’s Salon for May/June Now Up!

Tom worked his webby magic on my ramblings and we are pleased to present to you the May/June issue of Sunni’s Salon. Don’t worry, there’s none of the negativity that burst out here fairly recently, and aside from my opening rambling remarks, it strikes me as a mostly light and fun issue. We hope you enjoy it!

Oh, and a scheduling note: it’s my goal to get future issues up closer to the beginning of the second month they cover from now on. This one was delayed by that aforementioned emotional turbulence; and I’m already taking steps to try to minimize the disruption my imminent adventure might bring on. Hoping is.

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Your Lucky Day Has Come!

Again, I am sorry for how long it took, but at last, Tom and I are pleased to welcome you to Sunni’s Salon for the March/April issue. It may make up in volume what it lacked in timeliness ... especially the interview with Mama Liberty. We hope you enjoy it.

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Trying to Get Back on Track

I am continuing to make good progress on getting things working on my machine. Late last night, I got my PGP keys imported successfully, and appear to have them working with KMail again; that was the last “must-have” functionality on my list. So now I’m going to turn my attention to trying to get various projects back on track; but that said, many items have fallen behind schedule. Sunni’s Salon will be late, for starters; and despite having many ideas nagging me for release via blog entries, I expect substantive blogging will be light until my workload lightens up.