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I’ve Discovered an Online Equivalent of a Time Capsule...

Some of you may remember that I’d been having difficulties with my Linux box. Recently, a dear friend ended that via a shiny Debian install. O’course, before it was installed, all my important files were copied elsewhere; and I’ve been slowly making progress on getting the new house nicely appointed, so to speak. One of the things I remembered to get from the old Firefox was my most recent bookmarks file... from 2008.

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So I Did Something a Bit Unusual for My Birthday This Year...

I actually gave myself a gift. Sort of. I’m getting a genetic test done. The sample’s en route to the lab. But I’ve already made some very interesting discoveries.

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How about a Somewhat Crass Commercial Message (Which Will Help You Much More Than Me)?

If one has paid any attention recently to the cost of real money in US FRNs, one knows it’s been vacillating a lot after a fairly substantial drop. I think we’re close to a bottom now and would like to highlight a good way to start accumulating it—or even better, adding to one’s position.

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A Sneaky PSA

Click here. (You won’t be rick rolled, I promise!) Follow the instructions. Come back here and turn it on.

Can’t stop the signal.

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A Summertime PSA for the Gamers Amongst Us

This is hilarious:

Here it is on YouTube. How can you not listen to Cap’n Mal?

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I Want This Book.

Well, it’s actually a five–volume set of books. Even at that, the price is outrageous—upwards of $500 once sales tax is added. But I’m still trying to work a way to acquire it.

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Just in Case Other “Firefly” Fans Haven’t Seen This ...

Here’s a cool interview with Joss Whedon that ranges from Dr. Horrible to Firefly, Buffy, and other interesting stuff. We are all big Dr. Horrible fans, and it’s good to know the project is progressing, even if glacially.

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Check Out My Shoes!

Bet most of y’all never expected me to channel Imelda Marcos. Truth be told, I’m not—this is the first pair of new shoes I’ve bought in at least five years. And they aren’t pretty. Still, I adore them.

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Recipes for Your Recipes—For Better Taste and Nutrition

I should have seen this coming—I’ve been pissing and moaning about how technology is destroying food quality, and while that can happen, technology can also improve some things.

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Not Normally One for Celebrating This Day ...

But when I saw a cool collection of cards, I knew I’d be posting one of them here today. It was a tough decision, but here’s the winner:

Big Damn Valentines

This one, and many others, spotted at FireflyFans.Net.

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Healthy Luddite or Ill Technophile?

I’m not sure if whatever cheer you seven gain from my recent slump being so short–lived will offset my returning to a theme that some may find tiresome. Be that as it may; it’s a topic that is only going to be increasingly important unless (or until) the collapse comes.

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Because Hell, Even I Want to See More Smoking Hot, Ass–Kicking Chicks

I’ll put this video on in the library since it has some language those of you with sensitive ears might not wish to hear:

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Mama Now Has Puppy Linux!!!

A very special friend has spent the day installing Linux on my new computer, as I have wanted for a long time. It's wonderful. Now just have to install the GPG so I can use my encryption keys, and I'm all set. Just so you all know... Mama finally did it! :)

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I Am Such a Jaunty Snake Today!

And it is largely thanks to two wonderful gentlemen: MAL and the Happy Curmudgeon.