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Not My Problem

I'm posting my articles at The Price of Liberty a few days after they appear on JPFO, so I'll link there this time. This has sparked a good bit of discussion with some friends, and I'm curious what folks here think of the topic. I think people need to be far more assertive about this, and return responsibility for "feelings" to those doing the feeling. We need to stop apologizing for living.

Not My Problem
By MamaLiberty

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I carry a gun - Get over it

I carry a gun - Get over it

By Susan Callaway, Editor
July 30, 2012

I carry a gun. All the time, just about everywhere I go except to bed and the shower. Even then, a gun is within a foot or so of my hand all the time. An occasional trip into the disarmed victim zone of the post office, and my last (and I do mean last) trip to California to visit family are the extreme and very temporary exceptions.

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Grammar Lesson for the Day

I know some individuals are put off by the creep of text-speak into everyday usage. I tend not to be among them, although I will confess to mild annoyance when Snolf the Second says, “Lol!” instead of actually laughing. However, I’ve recently encountered a usage that is so bizarre I couldn’t make sense of it for a few minutes ... and when I did, my blood pressure started to rise.

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“Like Homemade”? Not in Any Home I’ve Ever Seen.

Lobo recently sent me a link to a segment from a show titled How It’s Made. I enjoyed it quite a bit, and when it was over, YouTube helpfully suggested other segments. I should not have chosen what I did.

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This Meme Needs Puncturing.

I’m encountering a statement with increasing frequency online, and my irritation with it has reached critical mass. Pedantry threat level is at maximum.

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“Additional Liquidity”

Okay, so lemme see if I can get this blog thingie off the ground... Grunt grunt groan push ...

You remember when you would replace all of that great alcohol that you stole from your parents' liquor bottles with water, carefully marking the side of the bottle first, so as to remember how much it took you to get wasted? Well, I don't either because I never could stand alcohol until I turned about 40 or so, and my parents didn't smoke pot, so I had to... well, I'm getting off track here.

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Racism, homophobia and the like...

In thinking about the recent discussions on hierarchy, some ideas from another discussion came to me and it seemed this might be a good place to explore them.

Disclaimer: I am not, in any way, suggesting that racism or the rest is good or healthy. Please remember that.

The question is, however, what is the moral response to expressions of these things? Many times the response is violent or hateful in return, creating the politically correct nightmare.

If we have any "right" or claim to life, liberty and property, how can we not have equal claim to our own thoughts and actions?

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Gimme That Old-Time Email

It may be silly, looking back fondly on the days when I had to remember an eddress like “” or worse in order to send someone an email at a speed that was measured by baudrate ... and via a modem that one had to place the phone receiver on ... but in some ways I do. If I mistyped the eddress, or the server was down, or there was a problem of any kind in sending or receiving the email, I got a big ol’ BOUNCE message in return. If I didn’t get one, I knew my email had gone through.

These days, I send out email and wonder ... will it get wrongly trapped in a spam filter? Will it not get through because of blacklisting, because my domain has been forged in spamming? Or because I specifically am not on the recipient’s whitelist? Or do the various factions of the internet necessary to get the packets from point A to point B not speak to each other often or reliably any more? Or did the recipient receive my email, but is too busy/behind and has let it languish, forgotten? Or does the recipient just not want to talk to me?

Granted, not all of those questions would be answered under the old system ... but a lot of the guesswork and frustration wouldn’t exist.

What can I say? I am a confirmed internet dinosaur. Lynx and Pine and Archie and Gopher have different primary connotations for me than they do for most people ... Meantime, I’m tired of not knowing whether my email is getting through or not.

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What’s in a Name—Really?

It’s to be expected from the govgoons and burricrats, of course—it is part and parcel of their desire to track, and to be efficacious in tracking, individuals throughout all their activities, across all their days. But I have seen the cry echoed across one too many a private place. “You should have to use your real name!” squawk the parroting, semi-non-thinking plebes. Well, pray tell me this first: what is a real name—and what is real about a name?

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One Individual Defines an Entire Ideology?

Yesterday, while doing some browsing in between craft sessions with the snolfs, I encountered a statement by someone I had been thinking fairly well of (I say “fairly well” because his writings have, of late, been focused on a specific person ... you know the one ... running for Grand Poobah Over Us All). His statement floored me.

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Who Knows Where the Email Goes?

That title is meant to be warbled to the tune Who Knows Where the Time Goes? ... fortunately, email isn’t as flitting and fleeting as time. I am saddened to report that I am still having problems with the eddress associated with this domain.

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Is That Why Our Satlink has Sucked Harder than a Hoover Lately?

I haven’t meant to be absent here so much of late. I have been busy with various things, and it’s hard to say no to the snolfs when they ask me to come outside to play or explore with them ... but those are only partial explanations.

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Some Things Just Shouldn’t be Messed With

I can appreciate wanting to update a classic essay for a contemporary audience ... but it isn’t as simple a thing as just changing out old-fashioned words for new. There’s a lot that must be understand about the original piece, as well as the contemporary idiom the author wants to put it in. Rhythm, flow, symbolism, allusions—all these, and more, may need to be considered. It takes a real wordsmith to pull off that kind of challenge.

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Music Versus Quasi-Music

I’ve just spent about 45 minutes downloading a bunch of music from two different sites that came to my attention within the past few days. One site primarily offers short clips of full songs; the other offers full songs in a variety of styles, including one I like but don’t see much of these days – ragtime.

So, anyone want to guess which music folder I’ve deleted, and which I’m currently listening to and enjoying immensely?

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A Very Thin Disguise

I used to enjoy reading c|net’s commentaries – labeled “Perspectives” – but no longer. It seems to me that the contributions from outside individuals have increasingly become very thin veneers for promoting their own interests. I present as evidence: Where did the music industry go so wrong?, by the CEO of a company that offers “products and services for indie artists”; Time for Fed to join the 21st century, by the CEO of a company that – as best I can tell from its jargon-laden site – just happens to be well-positioned to provide the system he advocates; the especially insufferable Two cheers for intellectual-property law, authored by Microsoft’s general counsel shark; and today’s example, Real ID is bad? Compared to what? by the president of a company that sells “infrastructure and application software for smart credential programs”.