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I Knew I Was Right to Remain Down on Medical Insurance

I haven’t kept up with the reports and rumors (which can be hard to distinguish from one another, I admit) that purport to provide us with information on how Obamacare is faring since its partial implementation. Now that my classmates and I are on the brink of becoming massage therapists, however, the massage program is starting to focus on issues such as business and marketing, which includes the all-important matter of doing one’s best to ensure one is paid for work done. I wasn’t surprised—but was quite disappointed, for more than the obvious reason—to discover that health insurance is increasingly not covering massage.

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Uh, Anyone Want to Talk About Obamacare?

Having long been among the ranks of the medically uninsured, I’m supposed to be going meekly into the fold sometime over the next few days, but having actually looked at my options, it’s doubtful that I’m gonna.

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Rats! Your guide to protecting yourself against snitches

I'm not done reading this yet, but it is powerful stuff and well worth a look. Download free or read on line.

Rats! Your guide to protecting yourself against snitches, informers, informants, agents provocateurs, narcs, finks, and similar vermin
By Claire Wolfe
with the Commentariat of the Living Freedom blog

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Belarus and USSA: A Study in Irony

I’ve been keeping an eye out for news from Belarus in the wake of the bombing. As is typical of our media, now that the bleeding is over, their eyes have mostly turned elsewhere. Having Belarusian friends provides more of an insider’s view—as does the experience of Lobo and the snolfs, freshly returned from a visit to that part of the world. The contrasts between the situations—and people—of that country and this are rich in irony.

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Recipes for Your Recipes—For Better Taste and Nutrition

I should have seen this coming—I’ve been pissing and moaning about how technology is destroying food quality, and while that can happen, technology can also improve some things.

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Food Forest, Meet Your Trees

Most of the regulars here already know that the Senate’s version of the food fascism bill, alternatively known as S.B. 510, was passed yesterday. According to the sources I follow on this issue, a few issues stand in the way of it becoming law—more than the usual reconciliation with the House version, which was passed some time ago. Some see hope in that; but I don’t ... since the general idea has gotten congressional approval, I expect some sort of food tyranny will become the law within the next year or two. I don’t like it one bit, but am inured to it. Anyway, that isn’t what I want to focus on at the moment.

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Empirical Evidence Supports the Idea That Tax Increases Are a “Sucker Play”

It turns out that federal taxes often inflict a double cut upon us, according to an op–ed in the Wall Street Journal. Although politicians promise to apply the additional sum to reducing the U.S. deficit, that never seems to happen.

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Whose Job Is More Valuable?

I’ve debated talking about this news item for a few days; it’s the kind of thing I don’t want to feature much (if at all) any more ... yet the story is so outrageous that I cannot get it out of my head. The seductive allure of power in the financial sector and the short–sighted hubris of local politics combine, to appalling effect.

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Being Counted

In Costa Rica, as in many other places, this year is a census year. I intend to do everything possible to avoid being counted.

My experience with the census started in 1970, when my parents received "the long form" (for lack of a better name). I recall my father feeling important because "they" wanted to know all about him. I saw the form and felt creeped out. It asked things like how many bathrooms in the house, how many TVs you owned, etc. I remember thinking that this was none of their business.

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Re- (and Re- and Re-)Defining “Unemployed”

Anyone who thinks the USSA gov—and govs the world around—don’t massage their statistics in some way must have a photo of themselves in the dictionary under “naïve”. Of late, some knowledgeable folks have been looking with suspicion at the unemployment figures, and with very good reason.

But for those of us who aren’t interested in the intricacies of the birth–death model, a video has been made to help sort out how our beneficent state currently defines “unemployed”:

(Or, watch it at YouTube if you prefer)

This is quite accurate, including the statistic cited at the end. At least as far as gov numbers go ...

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Costa Rica, no longer recommended

As I have noted before Costa Rica is not a Libertarian paradise. Despite that I felt it was pretty good place for those who want a great deal of effective freedom. I am no longer sure about this position.

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Socially Naked in California

Finally getting to the long promised story of my trip to California. You were warned. [grin]

It all started months ago when my sister sent me tickets for the airfare. She'd always wanted to do that, but I'd never before agreed to fly... but I had a 2 1/2 year old grandson I'd never seen, and wanted badly to reconnect with my two sons, so I bit the proverbial bullet and accepted.

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Random Costa Rica related

I recently saw this video interview of Bill Maher by Olbermann where Maher explains why he is criticizing Obama. Basically it is because Obama is not socialist enough. Specifically he criticized Obama's statement that he was not out to install a government health care system. Maher said "... why not, maybe our health care situation in this country would be as good as Costa Rica's or Morocco's" (at about 4:00 into the video).

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Plus ça Change ...

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Is California Really Unique in Being “Ungovernable”?

That’s the claim of a recent Economist article, titled The Ungovernable State. While I agree with the author(s) somewhat (not knowing the details of California’s constitution nor governance systems, I’m trusting that the information in the article is at least nominally accurate), at a fundamental level California is not alone.