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Children and Safety - new at JPFO

Children and Safety
By MamaLiberty

By what process do "children" become adults? How do people become responsible for themselves, rather than dependent on others for their lives and safety? What part does chronological age have to do with it?

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A Quick Check-In

Hello you five—or are we down to three now? I’m not complaining: I’ve been so negligent here that I consider myself lucky that this place gets any readers these days.

Things have improved for us since the new year, by and large. And I’ve several things I want to share here, but haven’t made enough time to actually do that. I’m hopeful to do at least a bit of that this weekend... the short form in the interim is: our health is good; karate is good (I’m slowly improving at our new kata, heian sandan); I’m working on brewing my first batch of water kefir; and I’m several steps closer to a new path I hinted at a while ago.

Meanwhile—and more important—how you all faring? Please share whatever you’d like via a comment. I think of so many people so regularly that there’s a good chance you’re among them... I hope you and yours are doing well.

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Not Much of a Celebratory Mood Around Here

I apologize for my manners (viz., the lack thereof). I hope that everyone has had, is having, or will have a lovely holiday season, of course. But there just hasn’t been much to celebrate of late ... and recently, another surprising development knocked our moods back even more.

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I Am Most Thankful for the Difficult Things This Year

Looking back over the year, 2013 has not been one of my best—not even close. But that’s what I’m thankful for.

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Grandpa’s Murky “Legacy”

I rolled up the garage door yesterday, intently focused on reclaiming a portion of our yard from the weeds that flourished while I was sick and unable to do much of anything. The scent that wafted over me sent my mind on an entirely different path, however.

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All Is Not Dark

I somehow missed the terrible news out of Connecticut until just a bit ago. I’m sure my thoughts and feelings in response are far from unique... it never ceases to amaze me that individuals can feel such loathing or despair that such acts seem like a reasonable course of action.

As an alternative to thinking along those lines, I hereby offer a link and a strong suggestion to have some tissues handy: 26 Moments That Restored Our Faith in Humanity This Year.

Peace and love to you all.

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Developing a Sense of Pride of Place

I should have known that years of hearing “I pay the bills, so what I want goes” would have some effect on the snolfs and me—and perhaps I did, but only now that I’ve been clear of that environment can I fully appreciate the effect it had on us.

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We All Stand on Others’ Shoulders

And I am long overdue in acknowledging three stalwart gentlemen whose shoulders have helped carry me further than my grownup self sometimes thought I could go.

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The Types of Freedom Aren’t as Disparate as I’d Thought

I find it extremely interesting that two of my dearest friends—neither of whom are going through an upheaval similar to mine—recently wrote me, musing about the intricacies of the different types of freedom. In reading their words, I realized that a choice I made a few years ago has created challenges for me today.

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A Fresh Spring (in the Late Summer of My Life)

Meteorological spring also brought another spring to my life this year ... one that was very slow in arriving but has already proved well worth creating.

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Angry and Sad

And I vacillate between which I feel more strongly.

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“Bleeding heart” ... er, What, Exactly?

Two people very dear to me frequently describe themselves as a “bleeding heart liberal”. Noticing that yesterday set me off down another cognitive rabbit hole ...

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An Excellent Video, Not Just for Parents

I was introduced to a bit of the world of Gabor Maté yesterday, and am so impressed that I think all of you not already familiar with him would benefit from making his acquaintance as well.

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Not Normally One for Celebrating This Day ...

But when I saw a cool collection of cards, I knew I’d be posting one of them here today. It was a tough decision, but here’s the winner:

Big Damn Valentines

This one, and many others, spotted at FireflyFans.Net.