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Success Is Mine!

First things first: I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season! The snolfs and I continue to enjoy our quasi-Scandinavian winter solstice celebrations... even though this year’s festivities were a bit more subdued than in years past, largely because I was still busy with massage-related work.

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I Knew I Was Right to Remain Down on Medical Insurance

I haven’t kept up with the reports and rumors (which can be hard to distinguish from one another, I admit) that purport to provide us with information on how Obamacare is faring since its partial implementation. Now that my classmates and I are on the brink of becoming massage therapists, however, the massage program is starting to focus on issues such as business and marketing, which includes the all-important matter of doing one’s best to ensure one is paid for work done. I wasn’t surprised—but was quite disappointed, for more than the obvious reason—to discover that health insurance is increasingly not covering massage.

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Halfway Through the First Quarter of the Massage Program...

Not that I’m counting (but I totally am counting!)...

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Uh, Anyone Want to Talk About Obamacare?

Having long been among the ranks of the medically uninsured, I’m supposed to be going meekly into the fold sometime over the next few days, but having actually looked at my options, it’s doubtful that I’m gonna.

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It’s a Miracle: I’m Gestating!

Well, not really gestating. One could say (I obviously do) that I’m gestating in a metaphorical sense.

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At the Midpoint of an Inadvertent Eating Experiment, the Data Are Fairly Clear

As I’ve mentioned a time or two in this space, for a couple of years now I’ve been eating more or less primally (for those who don’t know, it’s a variant in the paleo approach to eating and health that says dairy products are fine to eat if an individual has no problems with them). Because of his relaxed, “try various things and go with what works for you” approach to eating, I’ve made Mark’s Daily Apple a site I visit daily, and one I regularly check for food inspiration.

But the large backlash against the paleo approach set me to wondering if my results were fortuitous—due more to other factors than my change in foods. After reading the Atlantic’s lengthy (and somewhat sour-grapesy) article on the subject—This Is Your Brain on Gluten—I decided to turn my recent dietary slide into something of a case study.

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I Am Most Thankful for the Difficult Things This Year

Looking back over the year, 2013 has not been one of my best—not even close. But that’s what I’m thankful for.

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Thank You, Oregano Oil!

For me, oregano oil’s reputation as an effective antimicrobial has been proven. Read on if you’re interested in the details (not gross, but hardly scintillating content).

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Cast Iron - Get The Facts

[This is the handout for the cast iron seminars I've been giving this fall. Very well received so far.]

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If Nothing Else, I’m Gaining Mental Toughness

Well. I have had a challenging three months. And things will continue intensifying through the beginning of June. Read on only if you can stomach my self-absorption...

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Do You Wanna Be a Gangsta Gardener?

The local food movement has been big out here long before it really became a thing—which shouldn’t be surprising, since this region has a lot of agriculture and a fairly long growing season (and a lot of hippie types of all ages). Newly ensconced in one of the oldest sections of town one year ago this month, we were very happy to see that several homeowners nearby had converted their boring lawns into prime gardening spaces. A few have really invested in their urban gardening, constructing attractive raised beds and filling the area around them with warmth-hoarding rock.

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An Easy Guide to Healthful Eating

If you eat paleo or primally, at least. For those of you not on one of those bandwagons, you may find some amusing items nonetheless ...

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Are You Eating Wood?

What a ridiculous question that is, right? After all, I’m quite certain no beavers or termites are among the seven regular readers here. Still, some of you might be consuming cellulose from wood and not know it.

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And People Say Knitting Relieves Stress ...

It ain’t always so.