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Gratitude Meditation

I never really knew my father, since he died when I was four years old. It is impossible for me to sift out any actual memories I might have from the stories and photographs mother shared with us while my sister and I were growing up. I do know he was the product of the Scottish Highlands, both of his parents having come from Scotland in the mid 1800s. He was quiet, frugal, and very much an independent spirit. He was gentle and loving, hard working and beloved by family and friends.

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Thank You, Oregano Oil!

For me, oregano oil’s reputation as an effective antimicrobial has been proven. Read on if you’re interested in the details (not gross, but hardly scintillating content).

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Cast Iron - Get The Facts

[This is the handout for the cast iron seminars I've been giving this fall. Very well received so far.]

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Do You Wanna Be a Gangsta Gardener?

The local food movement has been big out here long before it really became a thing—which shouldn’t be surprising, since this region has a lot of agriculture and a fairly long growing season (and a lot of hippie types of all ages). Newly ensconced in one of the oldest sections of town one year ago this month, we were very happy to see that several homeowners nearby had converted their boring lawns into prime gardening spaces. A few have really invested in their urban gardening, constructing attractive raised beds and filling the area around them with warmth-hoarding rock.

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How about a Somewhat Crass Commercial Message (Which Will Help You Much More Than Me)?

If one has paid any attention recently to the cost of real money in US FRNs, one knows it’s been vacillating a lot after a fairly substantial drop. I think we’re close to a bottom now and would like to highlight a good way to start accumulating it—or even better, adding to one’s position.

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Cooking for one... or learning to like leftovers

I have always disliked "leftovers." With a few exceptions, most foods are just more appealing to me when fresh made. When I had a family, that was seldom a problem, but in the nearly 25 years I've lived alone, it has often caused me to struggle to balance between the frugal use of my resources and my food preferences.

As a charter member of the "old too soon, wise too late club," I think I finally got a handle on at least some of it. Better late than never.

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Are You Eating Wood?

What a ridiculous question that is, right? After all, I’m quite certain no beavers or termites are among the seven regular readers here. Still, some of you might be consuming cellulose from wood and not know it.

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Chili from scratch

I like chili sometimes, especially on a wet, cold, windy day such as today, but I have never really managed to get the seasoning "right" unless I used the package chili mix. And, all too often, I use canned beans and sauces as well. Tastes good, and it's easier.

Today I decided to make chili and discovered I had no packaged seasoning. I also thought it was a good idea to use dry beans, since I don't always have consistent results and need to practice if I'm going to live on the things in the future.

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“Like Homemade”? Not in Any Home I’ve Ever Seen.

Lobo recently sent me a link to a segment from a show titled How It’s Made. I enjoyed it quite a bit, and when it was over, YouTube helpfully suggested other segments. I should not have chosen what I did.

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Bountiful Baskets Co-op comes to NE Wyoming!

A friend and I formed a sort of "steering committee" about a month ago to bring a Bountiful Baskets co-op drop site to Newcastle in order to obtain really fresh fruits and vegetables. Some here may remember that lack of same was one of the real problems with living in rural NE Wyoming. Little is produced here, and shipping makes the cost at the grocery stores very high.

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Anyone Interested in Helping Me With a Colorful Experiment?

It’s a simple idea, really; but all the same, I’d like to test it before investing a lot of time and effort into it.

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In Which I Admit I Might Have a Fiber Problem

Notice how I coyly avoid taking responsibility for the situation. I’ll try again.

Hello, my name is Sunni and I have a problem: I adore yarn.

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Another Oddball Thing We Made at Home

There are some things people just don’t think can be made at home. I suppose the thinking is that the tools and/or setup will be too expensive or difficult (or unavailable), or the process is not suitable in some way. Some seem to think that about marshmallows, but there’s nothing terribly tricky or challenging about making those. (Our last effort yielded some delicious chocolate ones—too bad I didn’t write down how much cocoa powder I used.)

That successful endeavor emboldened me to try others. And, as Snolf the First is interested in chemistry, I now have a handy excuse for trying more weird things. (No, no thermite yet, Uncle Carl!)

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A Little Something for the Celebrations Ahead

I have been too much a post–and–run Snake these days; and for that I apologize. It will get worse—or this place will fall entirely silent, mayhaps—before it gets better; but before those days descend, I would like to share some joy—a recipe for a celebratory frugal indulgence. Don’t believe me? Step into my kitchen and behold!

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Here At Last: Fruity Oaty Bars

I’m as close to settled on the recipe as I’ll ever be; and if I wait for pictures, I’ll probably never post the recipe. Those who like the crunchy–style granola bars will probably like these ... and they’re easy and inexpensive to make, to boot.